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  • Stars: Masi Oka, Ali Larter

"Heroes: Fallout"

By STEPHEN LACKEY     December 07, 2006

Santiago Cabrera and Masi Oka in Heroes: Fallout

Wow, what an episode.  I’ve been waiting for an episode to really start carrying the storyline forward and this one was it.  “Fallout” is an appropriate name for the episode since dealing with everything that’s happened up to this point is the overall theme of the episode.  Peter, the one who believes he has the least amount of power was the most heroic in the previous episode.  He did save the cheerleader, and he used her power to save himself from a potentially fatal fall.  Now he’s in jail even though Audrey knows that Peter didn’t actually commit the crime.  Isaac has gotten himself clean and is finally learning to use his abilities without drugs.  It’s at this point that he finally accepts his destiny and seeks a meeting with Hiro and Ando.  Mr. Bennett sends the Haitian out to make Claire’s brother and Claire’s best friend forget about her power.  Claire suddenly feels more isolated than ever when she discovers that her friend not only doesn’t remember her abilities but he also doesn’t remember their friendship.  When Claire gets home we finally get to hear the Haitian speak when he tells Claire that he is there to make her forget but that she must only pretend to forget because it is important that she remember.  Without doing to much synopsizing let me just say that as everything shakes down the heroes are finally meeting each other, and some of them, Hiro, Ando, and Isaac for example, are already teaming up. 

Oddly this episode ended with a “to be continued”.  That felt a little unnecessary to me since nearly every episode so far has ended with a cliffhanger that carried over into the next episode.  It would be like if an episode of LOST ended with that kind of tag.  Part of that may be due to the marketing machine trying to keep the hype up on this series.  HEROES is doing really well in the ratings but I feel like the network is desperate to hype this thing for fear of the series failing.  I haven’t seen so much unnecessary build up on a show in a long time.  It actually backfired a bit with the over hyping of “save the cheerleader, save the world”, when that episode didn’t answer any of the questions that the ad campaign promised.  Anyway, back on topic…. 

A lot of major stuff happened in this episode, but one of my favorite moments was when Isaac finished his newest painting which portrayed Hiro wielding a sword and fighting what appeared to be a T-Rex.  To this point Isaac’s paintings haven’t been metaphoric, they’ve been pretty literal.  So will we see Hiro actually fight a T-Rex?  I don’t think so, maybe the visions aren’t as clear since he’s doing the painting without drugs, or maybe they’re going to be metaphorical since he’s doing it clean.  Whatever the case, Hiro declaring that he must have that sword was a priceless moment.  It’s also an obvious step forward to the future Hiro we saw a few episodes back. 

The other obvious pivotal moment came at the end of the episode when Peter collapsed outside the police station and had the vision of himself blowing up.  It appears that he will take the radioactive man’s powers and explode himself.  Also, why has Peter become so sick?  It feels to me like he’s used his power, to borrow those of other heroes, so much that it has taken a toll on him.  I’ve seen people posting everywhere that Peter is dead.  That’s just ridiculous.  But speaking of dead people the scene between Eden and Sylar was a major jaw dropper.  Bennett and his “super group” caught Sylar and has been keeping him in a room that’s supposed to render these special abilities useless.  I think that room was built with one person who has one ability in mind so when Sylar is put in the room with his multiple abilities he’s either working in his mind to figure out what makes the room tick or his multiple abilities just overpowered the room.  Either way it led to a horrible end for Eden who planned to make Sylar kill himself.  We didn’t actually see Eden die, but I believe she may actually be dead.  I liked this character and sat in front of my TV with my mouth hanging open in shock at this scene. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg of everything that happened in this episode.  I haven’t even talked about Nikki’s story arc, while still my least favorite, it is getting better.  The “fallout” from this one episode changes everything and asks even more questions.  The “good guys” are starting to form a team with Isaac, Hiro, and Ando already together and Peter and Claire aware of each other.  Mr. Bennett has lost the trust he just gained from his daughter and I think that’ll push Claire to Peter and the others.  Peter’s vision showed many of the heroes together at the explosion too.  So, can Peter tell the future too?  Sylar is definitely a bad guy (expertly played by Zachary Quinto) but what side will Nathan fall on and what are Mr. Bennett’s true motivations?  I’m also quite excited to see more from the Haitian now that he’s actually spoke.  This episode had a real spark of energy running through it that got me more excited than any episode yet.  The characters get to evolve but the questions just keep on coming.  Now, unfortunately we have to wait until the end of January to see if we’re gonna get any more answers!


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kevdool 12/7/2006 3:32:40 AM
This show has been a sweet surprise this year. I had hoped that it would do well and be intersting, as it has. It is nice to see that they are allowing for its audience to be intelligent enough to follow along and enjoy the twists, turns and drops that have happened. To this point each character has its own appeal and I find myself wanting more of each. It is good to see Nikki's story evolving more. As to the "To be Continued", I think NBC is looking at 24 starting back up and the fact that a new episode will not show until Jan. 22. I can't fault them for wanting to give the only new show they had that has worked out, all the help it needs to continue doing as well as it has. Hiro Rules!!!
Redshirt1 12/7/2006 6:08:58 AM
I don't think Peter is able to exactly predict the future. It is more like he has an empathic connection to others that lets him see what is happening or going to happen to other people. THis connection is particularly strong with his brother. Peter "saw" Nathan's accident and new that there was another car involved. In addition it is almost like Peter places himself in the perspective of the person he is connected to. Nathan can fly so Peter saw himself flying in his dreams. While it is possible that Peter will absorb Radioactive man's abilities and blow up, it is also likely that Peter was connected to radioactive man and felt what is going to happen and placed himself in the radioactive man's position. This could also explain why he is getting sick. When Peter was confronting Nathan about his belief that he could fly Peter told him that when he was getting out of bed his foot hovered for a second. It is possible that with a strong connection Peter could exihibit powers from someone not in the immediate area. Radioactive man's powers could be killing him and Peter is taped into that. Remember that not all mutation is benificial sometimes a deviation ends up hinding a lifeform not helping it.
karas1 12/7/2006 7:02:20 AM
What makes you think that Hiro fighting the T-Rex is alegorical? Nothing else that Isaac has painted has been. It's more likely that Hiro comes unstuck in time again and jumps back to the cretaceous by accident. His first accidental time jump was forward 5 weeks. The second was backwards 6 months. Who knows what he can do, especially if he is panicked in proximity to a nuclear blast! As for Peter, he colapsed after he absorbed Matt's power. I suspect, due to his nose bleeds and headaches, that Matt gets his power from a brain tumor, like Charlie did. Who knows what absorbing that could do to Peter? Or maybe he's just reached an overload point. So far he's absorbed powers from Nathan, Isaac, Hiro, Claire and Matt. And since the Hatian was around when Claire and her father visited him in jail, he might have been in proximity for Peter to absorb his powers too, even if Peter didn't know about them or have any reason to use them. Not to mention his proximity to Syler at the high school. Having so many powers obviously drove Syler mad, who knows what it's doing to Peter? The one person Peter has never met is radioactive guy so I doubt Peter has absorbed his powers. Yet. But if they did meet in the future, who knows if Peter in his fragile state could control it? As for Peter's prophetic dreams, he absorbed Isaac's ability to see the future. Perhaps, even if he couldn't use that conciously after he had been out of Isaac's vacinity for awhile, he was still able to do it unconciously. It will be interesting to see if he exhibits Claire's healing powers in the future.
wessmith1966 12/7/2006 8:02:56 AM
After reading a recent article about the show's creator, I'ev stopped trying to figure out where the show's going. Kring himself said he doesn't know, so I'm just enjoying the ride. I used to always watch Monday Night Football, but now Mondays belong to NBC. My girl and I like to watch Deal or No Deal together, and she usually falls asleep on the counch when Heroes comes on. After that it's Studio 60, which is a great show in its own right. I can't wait for the second half of the Heroes season!
mellon23 12/7/2006 8:18:08 AM
I am very curious why Peter continued to be sick after Claire visited him in jail. He should have healed. I think there is merit to the theory that he has aborbed too many powers. Perhaps when he has learned to use his ability better this won't be an issue, but for now it is a very plausible theory.
meathead 12/7/2006 8:20:34 AM
http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/ has a little blurb in the top right hand corner that indicated that NEW EPISODES are starting January 1...I know that we had also heard January 22, but it looks like NBC has bumped it ahead 3 weeks...
mbeckham1 12/7/2006 8:56:59 AM
Popular theory on the AICN board is that Hiro is in a museum with a T-Rex statue and that he got the sword from the same museum. Skepticism on the real T-Rex front comes, reasonably, from the unlikelyhood that the network would spring for the Lost World CGI in a story that doesn't involve Sylar or New York exploding. I loved when Hiro said that if he stepped on a bug he could change history. Definitely StarTrek/comic book fan thinking. And the sword line was brilliant. Kevin Smith is probably figuring out how to write Hiro appearance into the next Clerks movie now. Speaking of New York exploding and wild speculations. I think Peter may have only thought he was exploding himself, when in fact he was experiencing Sylar's future, and playing Sylars part in it. The way he dreamt of his brother flying like it was himself. The jaket he was wearing looked like Sylar's. And Mr. Bennet warned Syalar that the changes in his DNA were becoming unstable. That may be the real reason that Peter is sick too. He empathed Sylar's genetic instability when they fought, and it's manifesting differently with him. It may also be why he saw Sylar in his dream at the beginning of the episode. There may be a permanent link between the two that Peter may be able to use to save everyone. Hey, maybe that's how saving the cheerlearer will lead to saving the world. I think Eden must have disabled whatever kept him from using his powers so she could use hers to kill him. And when she used her powers Syalar realized he might be able to use his own. Or it was the Haitian who was blocking his powers and when Bennet took him to the police station to keep Matt out of his and Claire's heads Eden took her opportunity. And again inadvertantly Sylar clued Sylar into the fact that his powers would work now. Apart from the convieniencre of Isaac, after so many attempts to use his powers without drugs before, takes one look at Hiro doing the wincy face and gets in the zone(I'll mark that up to destiny especially since the vision actually involved Hiro) and the apparent loss of two great characters, and I do hope they find a to bring Zach back. This was a magnificient episode that really builds the momentum and will really make the next month or so until theyt get painfully aggrivating. This is fast becoming my favorite serie on television. While Battlestar and Lost do the high drama brilliantly, especially Battlestar, I haven't seen a series this refreshingly proud-to-be-geeky and dramatic since the last Whedon series left the airwaves. Unless you count "How I Met Your Mother" which is defintely brimming with geek pride but is neith genre nor most of the time dramatic. But I'm already missing that gem too.
fft5305 12/7/2006 9:26:16 AM
I like the museum theory on the dinosaur. Makes more sense than Hiro going from a 6-month jump to a 22 million year jump. I was wondering, earlier in the episode, who was in the painting in the background that looked like the Human Torch. I think it probably is Peter, who absorbs radioactive man's power and blows up. I don't think it will come to that, though. I think the Heroes will team up and save the day. Didn't see Nikki's move coming, but she's being a good mother putting her child's best interests ahead of her own. Four jaw-drop moments in this episode, in no particular order: 1) Seeing that Peter's flash forward that he is the exploding one, 2) Eden's death, 3) Hiro v. T-Rex, 4) the Haitian speaks! Speaking of the Haitian, what is his agenda? Claire will play along, I suppose. Though it would be interesting to see her forget, re-discover and re-approach Zach to help her out. I hope she strikes up a new friendship with him.
fft5305 12/7/2006 9:30:02 AM
By the way, the NBC site doesn't specify that *new* episodes were returning on the 1st, only that the show was back. Usually, if there's a new episode, networks will hype "On an All New Episode of Heroes..." Also, the reason they had the "To be continued..." on this ep, and not the previous ones is because of the break. If they were continuing with new episodes next week, they wouldn't have put that.
biffbolt 12/7/2006 10:14:55 AM
"I loved when Hiro said that if he stepped on a bug he could change history. Definitely StarTrek/comic book fan thinking." Actually that was a direct reference to Ray Bradbury's short story "The Butterfly Effect" where a time-travelling man steps on a butterfly in the distant past and changes his present. I lol'ed when Hiro said that! Brilliant!
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