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  • Episode: Exposé
  • Stars: Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Mathew Fox, Michael Emerson, Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Created By: JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof

"Lost: Exposé"

By Stephen Lackey     March 29, 2007

13 of the 48 crash survivors from LOST.

LOST has been on a stellar run lately with last week’s Locke specific episode being a real capper and really raising the bar for the series.  The word is that there is going to be one last season of LOST, and if that’s the case then we were destined for a bit of filler and this week we got it with Exposé.  I can get into the story so heavy on some of these series that every little bit of filler ticks me off but I learned with this last season of BSG that if filler is done well it can be entertaining and a nice break from the suspense on occasion.  Now, I’m not saying all the filler on BSG this season was great, but a lot of it was surprisingly good, but that’s another article all together.  Now, what’s scary about filler on LOST is that the first six episodes of this season were mostly filler and a lot it was terrible, and it nearly destroyed the series.  After watching the episode, I found that I had a good time with it and there were a few character moments that are sure to affect the series over the long term. 

Many fans, your truly included, decried the introduction of Nikki and Paulo as castaways who’ve been on the island the whole time.  When I first heard about them I tried to be open minded because as much as I hated the idea of the tailees I ended up liking Anna Lucia, I know a lot of you didn’t ever like her.  But, when they started making minor appearances on the series, they just seemed so shallow compared to everyone else on the series.  They weren’t very good actors and they just seemed to be on the series as eye candy.  The only thing I enjoyed about them was Sawyer always asking who they were even though everyone else seemed to know them.  So, when the episode this week started and it appeared to feature Nikki, I was extremely disappointed even though I knew her and Paulo’s story had to be told.  She runs from the forest onto the beach and dies on the spot.  I literally applauded.  Her flashback also amused me as it was a scene from a campy T&A series similar to Baywatch or VIP which starred Lando, uhh I mean Billy Dee Williams. 

In the flashback, Nikki and Paulo plot to steal millions of dollars worth of diamonds from the director of the series she just got killed off of.  The plan goes off without a hitch and they are in an airport with plans to leave Sidney.  Boone and his really irritating sister make an appearance in the airport that’s for no other reason than for the audience to go look it’s so and so!  Then the flashback moves forward after the crash and ties to make some sense of why we haven’t seen much of Nikki and Paulo before.  While everyone else is curious about all the strange things happening on the island, they are searching the island for the bag that had the stolen diamonds inside along with Paulo’s nicotine gum.  They discover a lot on the island but they don’t care about it.  They are the first to find the Pearl Station and the other crashed airplane but they are only interested in finding the diamonds.  Paulo does eventually find them, but he hides them out of fear that he will lose Nikki when she doesn’t need him for the diamonds.  She’s already hanging around Mr. Dynamite and his collection of poisonous bugs more than Paulo.   

She eventually discovers that Paulo had hidden the diamonds and right away she wanted him dead.  So, she goes and asks Sawyer for a gun and he refuses.  Instead she gets a spider from Mr. Dynamite that causes near instantaneous paralysis that lasts for around eight hours if it bites.  She flings the spider onto Paulo and it bites, and then she finds the diamonds only to get bit herself.  She buries the diamonds and makes a run for the beach.  Her last words end up being really funny.  Sawyer thinks she said plywood while Hurley thinks she said Paulo lied, when in reality she said paralyzed.  From here, the flashback catches up to the real world. 

In the real world, Hurley and Sawyer take up the task of investigating Nikki’s death with a little help here and there from Sun, Jin, and Charlie.  For a bit of comedy relief it doesn’t get better than Hurley and Sawyer working together on something.  Did anyone notice the lack of nick names from Sawyer?  I guess he’s sticking to the outcome of the ping pong match he lost to Hurley.  At the beginning of the episode, when Nikki appears on the beach, Sawyer and Hurley are playing ping pong again with Sawyer still losing.  In the forest, they find Paulo’s dead body and things really begin to get interesting when they find a radio used by the Others in Paulo’s back pack, careful though, don’t trip over that red herring.  So, eventually a hole is dug to bury Nikki and Paulo together.  I was really dreading the ending of the episode because I just knew they would come out of their paralysis just in time to stop the burial.  To my surprise that didn’t happen and Nikki and Paulo did get buried alive!  I thought I was twisted, but I know it for sure now because I thought the ending was hilarious, plus no more Nikki and Paulo! 

This episode is done like a campy crime drama with Hurley and Sawyer playing the detectives.  They even try a little cop talk here and there which is amusing.  There are plenty of fresh double crosses in this episode with Sawyer even playing a part in the final one.  He lied about every having talked to Nikki before because when she appeared on the beach he could tell by the grit under her fingernails that she had buried something important and he wanted first dibs.  He did find the diamonds but Sun does a good job of making him feel bad about it and he pours them out into the grave that Nikki and Paulo are being buried in.  Very classic noir to have the criminals buried with their loot don’t you think?  Also, the character moment I mentioned earlier, comes when Charlie reveals to Sun that her kidnapping was perpetrated by he and Sawyer as a way to make the theft of some guns appear to be the fault of the Others.  She’s extremely disappointed in Charlie and extremely angry at Sawyer which she displays with a quick slap across Sawyer’s face.   

Overall, I ended up really enjoying the episode.  The only important events in the major story arc in this episode were Charlie’s admission to Sun and a quick scene where Paulo actually hears Ben describe his plan to use Jack in detail.  It’s no surprise it just further validates what we’ve been led to believe about Ben, that he’s a master manipulator.  The episode doesn’t stand up to the previous mythology heavy episodes, but as far as filler goes, it was extremely entertaining.  The question is, were Nikki and Paulo really set up so long ago just to appear in a filler episode or did the producers listen to fan complaints about them?


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craigtnelson 3/29/2007 1:01:51 PM
My favorite line of the episode was by Sawyer after Hurley screamed at him for dumping out the water, possibly evidence in their deaths. "What, is their some forensics hatch I didn't know about?" Sawyer is hilarious.
miko34 3/29/2007 1:23:45 PM
I really didn't care for this episode too much. I rate this episode a C. I knew the ending once I saw the spider... which may be the reason I didn't like it as much. Maybe I watch too much Monk. I'm not sure if the creation of Nikki and Paulo were intended to have bigger roles later down the line... or if the writers learned that they were not working out and decided to kill them off... or if they were just created simply for this episode. I did like Sawyer's lines in that he continued to not know who these people were, though I don't think he would dump diamonds into the grave... unless he digs them up later... but from noir standards... yeah it worked. I'm glad the characters are dead (or are they really?)... they looked too soap opera-ish. It would've been better if they did something more dramatic like... push the plane off the edge of the cliff for some reason...killing Boone. I hope the writers don't forget about the walkie talkie to use for a later episode... otherwise, it was just a stupid plot device.
amateurscientist 3/29/2007 1:42:37 PM
I liked seeing Billy Dee. (*edited; whiny.)
westend 3/29/2007 1:52:05 PM
I really liked this episode. I'm not whiny about a filler episode as long as it's entertaining and this was an entertaining episode.
sportwarrior 3/29/2007 1:54:12 PM
I'm gonna approach this from an entirely different angle than you guys... Nikki was hot, and now I don't get to stare at her in anymore episodes! Honestly though I never really had too much of a problem with their introduction. It wasn't necessary, but objectively speaking, which is more ridiculous; That we're suddenly introduced to two characters in season 3 that we've never seen before and yet have been with the losties the entire time? Or that out of 60 survivors through the first 2 seasons 50 or so never seemed to ever do anything despite being in the exact same position as the main characters?
ViperBob 3/29/2007 1:56:26 PM
Yes, has nothing much to do with anything and pretty much answers all questions which arose (and possibly a few more - a bit more insight into Ben). I found it to be a fun diversion. Clever on several levels. Did they actually bring back all the original cast? I have a feeling the radio Sawyer finds will also play a part in the main storyline sometime soon.
wolf 3/29/2007 2:05:14 PM
@3 I was really close to giving up on Lost after the first half of the season, and then the first couple of episodes from after Christmas. However, the last couple have gone a decent way to making me feel better about the direction the writers are taking, and incredibly, they are actually answering some questions and cleaning up a few plot threads. I'm still reserving judgement til this season's finale. This was a decent filler episode, even if it didn't further the overall plot. I didn't like the fact that it didn't 'feel' like Lost. I'm not sure what it was, but the ending pretty much made up for it. Very morbid, but not something I'd expect to see on a show that doesn't have CSI in the title. Between Nikki, Paulo and the guy with the eyepatch, I'm relieved that they're not getting top heavy on their cast like they did with all the tail-enders from last season. Its trouble enough keeping up with the current split between the Jack/Kate/Locke group and the Hurley/Sawyer group. And dude, please, take it easy on the caps lock. Using caps to make points every 2 sentences is jarring, and detracts from the statements being made.
Butch_home 3/29/2007 3:21:22 PM
I think the producers were hoping that Nikki and Paulo would work with the audience because they mentioned on more than one occasion that there were 40 people on the beach after the crash and they could bring people in later down the line to flesh out the story. The problem is we already have too many fascinating characters that we want to know more about and find it hard to get emotionally involved with people that were supposedly there from the beginning..running around in the background shots. We tend to get more involved with the folks that are introduced along the line like the others and the tailies... who may have been there from the beginning but we didn't know it. But I have to say I enjoyed this filler episode and liked all the cameos by the old players. Loved the ending! Now the whole "Claire is Jack's Sister" was to me the worst filler episode of the seaon. Although this confirmed it we knew she was his sister from last year. There was nothing new or exciting about that episode especially the overblown boring melodrama around Claire's mother... I would have like to hear more about the mysteries around her baby and what the fortune teller told her during last year's episodes. Getting back to Nikki and Paulo, I think if they were introduced to the audience beginning with this past episode we might fell differently about their characters.
scoundrel 3/29/2007 3:40:40 PM
Stephen, where'd you hear it was only going to be 4 seasons? I thought they were shooting for 5? B- is very generous of you. The only good thing about this episode was that Nikki and Paolo were bitten by spiders and buried alive. There were some clever things thrown in (I loved seeing Boone, Shannon, and Arntz again) but overall, these characters became just what we were all afraid they were in the beginning -- throwaway redshirts. Why were they in any of the other episodes, aside from the one in Pearl? I think I would've liked this episode more if I'd never seen the two of them before. Maybe. I love Lost but this episode, especially after Lindenhof and Cuse talked it up so much themselves (I'm not talking about the advertisers, I'm talking about the writers) really let me down. I was willing to give Nikki and Paolo a shot with this one, but it left me cold. I hear that Hurley's line about LeShade being the leader on Expose for the first 4 seasons and ending up being the bad guy is a reveal.
gimpythewonder 3/29/2007 7:51:53 PM
Ya the last i heard they were going to do 100 episodes so it could be syndicated and then perhaps a movie to wrap it all up. When did that change?
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