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Raimi Gives SPIDER-MAN Status Report

    October 03, 2000

Director Sam Raimi spoke to the Popcorn Website about the progress on his next project, the big-screen adaptation of Spider-Man. Raimi remarked that he and the Spider-Man crew are 'working in every phase of production you can imagine.' This includes finalizing script revisions, casting, scouting locations in Los Angeles and New York, and setting up sound stages and sets.

According to Raimi, Tobey Maguire is undergoing a great physical transformation to portray Peter Parker and his super-heroic counterpart. Raimi says that a climbing expert, a physical trainer and a martial arts expert are helping the young Cider House Rules star to perfect his 'spider-type moves.' Raimi praises Maguire, saying that he 'has a good heart and when you look into Tobey's eyes, he's really true. The thing that made [Peter Parker] so popular is that Peter Parker is a good person and Tobey is a good person, so I think it's going to work.'--Popcorn.co.uk


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