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Raimi talks SPIDER-MAN 4


By Rob M. Worley     April 21, 2009
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Raimi says don't look for 'Spider-Man 4' to ape recent comics-to-film successes. Plus: Lots of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' videos online. 'Watchmen' lawsuits redux. Snyder talks 'Heavy Metal' and more. Still remembering all those nights we had together up on Mars, it's your Comics2Film 9.4.21!



WATCHMEN: The Lawsuit Part II

The legal fallout from 'Watchmen' continues next month as attorneys for Warner Bros. and producer Larry Gordon have agreed on a date to begin mediation over the question of legal responsibility for the famous dust-up with 20th Century Fox over the rights to the film.

Regular readers will recall that Fox laid claim to the film late last year and triggered a legal battle that eventually lead to them receiving a payout from Warner Bros in order to clear the release of the film.

According to The Hollywood Repoter, on May 13, representatives for Warner Bros and Gordon will meet for nonbinding mediation with Daniel Weinstein to determine if Gordon should pay a portion of the Fox settlement and, if so, how much.

In a December 2008 ruling on the matter, federal judge Gary Feess admonished Gordon's lack of cooperation in the hearings and suggested that the producer's vague testimony hampered Warners' case.

Warners is said to be seeking full reimbursment from Gordon, arguing that he failed to secure the rights properly before taking the project to them. Gordon's side is said to be arguing that Warner was fully informed of the relationship with Fox and entered into the production with eyes wide open.

Fingers are also pointed at Gordon's former attourneys at Jake Bloom's law firm, who were involved with the 1991 agreement with Fox that became the lynchpin to thier case.

The bittersweet good news for either Warner and/or Gordon and/or Bloom, is that the film's underachievment at the box office means the payout to Fox is smaller than expected.



Raimi searches for SPIDER-MAN 4 direction

Out promoting his new movie 'Drag Me To Hell', director Sam Raimi also chatted with SCI FI Wire about the much-anticipated 'Spider-Man 4'.

Raimi said he is not looking to last summer's hit comic-based movies for inspiration, but rather aims to search deeper into the source material that he loves to come up with a compelling way to return to the franchise.

"I hope we don't react to these very good and sometimes bad superhero movies around us. I hope that we just take ever deeper into the truth of who Peter Parker really is," Raimi said. "As a human being and the unique character, and that we celebrate that, which is a lot of the reason I want to make this next picture. I still believe I have an understanding of Peter Parker as the character that I have not quite put onto the screen yet."

Raimi also mentions that if screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire delivers a great, edgy screenplay then the movie will be edgy. But if the screenplay suggests a different tone, then that's what they'll srive for.

The director also said that he's meeting with Kirsten Dunst soon to talk about her return to the franchise. Raimi and leading man Tobey Maguire have reportedly signed on to do the forth one, but no such deal has been struck with Dunst.



Tempe Arizona gets WOLVERINE Premiere

Fox has announced the winners of the contest to bring the premiere of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' to their home town. Tempe, Arizona has won the battle of the towns lobbying to bring Hugh Jackman and company to thier neighborhood.

The event will happen there on April 27th.



More WOLVERINE clips

USA Weekend has posted this little nugget from 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine':




If you enjoyed last week's 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' character spots at MTV, there are a few new ones up at Yahoo!

We can't embed them here because, well, Yahoo sucks. But you can watch new segments on Emma Frost and The Blob by clicking through.

Emma Frost in diamond form by Sal LaRocca

Some fans seem to be up in arms that Emma Frost is shown with the ability to turn her form diamond hard, which seems to be a complete disconnect from her usual Professor X-like psychic abilities. However, Frost's diamond deal was introduced in the comics about five years ago, so it's not a complete bastardization by the movie folks.



Millar Talks WANTED 2 Writer

Last week it was announced that Evan Spiliotopoulos would pen the script for 'Wanted 2'. The hiring was slightly puzzling as Spiliotopoulos is best known for writing Winnie the Pooh DVD movies for Disney.

Mark Millar explained the news to his fans on his message boards:

Never listen to any commentators as they never know anything about who's coming back, etc. It's just speculation and 99% of the time these guys don't have access to the people who know. Wanted 2 is being made in a very tight circle at the moment.

As a producer on the thing, I'm excited. I know who's in it and after doing 342 million at the box office we have series money to spend on everything from cast to crew to script.

This guy is supposed to be really good. He did a GREAT action script recently (on an unproduced movie) and that's what got him this gig.



Snyder Selects HEAVY METAL Segment

MTV Splash Page caught up with director Zack Snyder and quizzed him about  the 'Heavy Metal' movie. The film, being produced by David Fincher and Kevin Eastman, promises a lineup of top directors doing segments of an all-new animated anthology. Snyder and Gore Verbinski are among the helmers attached to the piece.

However, Synder sounds unsure of whether or not the ambitious project will actually be made.

"‘Heavy Metal,’ is coasting," Snyder told MTV News. "I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m excited about it. I love ‘Heavy Metal,’ if that happens it’ll be great."

Snyder also said that he talked over his segment with Fincher and Verbinskin but, "it’s nothing that you would know from the magazine. It’s a special little one-off thing but it’s pretty cool, that’s all I can really say about it."




And now it's time for another ripping episode of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2!

The latest from the Favsy Twitterline:

# Sitting in Stark's foyer waiting for the next set up. 1PM April 20

# Heading home. Long day. Robert at the Soloist premiere. 8PM April 20


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samurai1138 4/21/2009 7:08:39 AM

New Heavy Metal? I don't know, how many of you out there remember the years long before it was available on home video, when Heavy Metal was something you could gain a lot of respect for having a bootleg copy of? It made the film somehow taboo, almost like that copy of the magazine you had hidden under your bed when you were 12, hoping that if Mom found it, she passed it off as just another comic book, never realizing that just past that cover, lay enough boobs, booze, violence,profanity, and sex, drugs and rock and roll to seriously warp her precious little boy. Thats the Heavy Metal I remember, and thats the Heavy Metal we will never again get to experience. Even the original movie, in my eyes, lost something when I could all of a sudden buy it at my local Wal-Mart in all it's digitally re-mastered glory. While I can say that if they do a new anthology movie, I'll be there to watch it with bells on, I'll also know to leave the psychotically perverted 12 year old inside me at home, because I think he'll be disappointed. Just my opinion. 

violator14 4/21/2009 9:21:42 AM

I love it when Sam Raimi talks Spider-Man 4!

I hate how these Wolverine spots have Emma Frost fronting like she's a big part of the movie. She is in it for literally like 10 seconds or something??? lame.....

fft5305 4/21/2009 9:55:57 AM

I was fine with the diamond form, once I found out that it was actually done in the comics first. I haven't collected in years, so I was unaware of the development until it was brought up here.  One thing I did find odd, though, was how basically buff The Blob was.  Hardly blob-like at all.  What up wit dat?

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else find it odd that Hooters is placing employment ads on this site?  Now, I'm just guessing, but I would venture to say the primary demographic of this site's visitors is an 18-35 male.  I'm guessing the number of undiscovered Hooters girls frequenting this website is relatively low, if not non-existent.

auvischizo 4/21/2009 10:09:28 AM

The add was to get you talking about Hooters, fft5305... Mission Accomplished.

What better demographics to advertise hooters in than male 18-35?

jmg134 4/21/2009 10:11:43 AM

Um yeah I'm not feeling that the "Blob" is fat enough.  He looks to muscular than fat or overweight.  Isn't that why he is called the Blob cuz he is f-ing fat!

I think its cool that they have Emma Frost but isn't she supposed to be a bit snotty?  Like all prissy and uppitty?

xenomorph 4/21/2009 11:16:10 AM

Raimi should just forget about dunst and move on.

Aside from the main character of Wolverine, the only othe characters Im looking forward to seeing on the big screen are Gambit, Sabertooth, and DeadPool.

And if sonyman is here, please, stop trying to show me spoilers.

TayDor 4/21/2009 11:38:24 AM

**minor spoilers maybe***


Get a clue people.  The film has "Origins" in the title.  None of the characters (except maybe Gambit and Sabretooth) start out in the movie exactly like their established comic version.

Deadpool:  Starts as Wade...becomes Deadpool.

Wolverine:  Starts as mutant with bone claws....becomes adamantium laced killing machine.

Blob:  Starts as buff special-ops soldier...later in the movie, when he's retired from military, he gets massively fat.


Origins.  Comprende?

almostunbiased 4/21/2009 12:51:04 PM

Rami, make it dark like Batman, oh oh and make it gritty like Bourne.  That's what all the other directors are doing.  Copying off other people.

almostunbiased 4/21/2009 12:54:22 PM

I picture Emma being just a little older looking, but wow, she is hot.

fft5305 4/21/2009 1:39:53 PM

TayDor, I've said the same thing about Wade looking normal, and then getting messed up later on for his own movie.  But as far as I know, Fred Dukes (the Blob) has always been a big tub o' lard.  But that's cool.  I'm not a continuity nazi, as someone else put it over in the Star Trek thread.  Also, now that I'm typing this, I'm flashing back.  I think I remember seeing a picture, way back when they first started principle photography, of a big fat Blob.  Does that sound familiar to anyone else?  Maybe he evolves as the movie goes on.

Or maybe it's as a result of something they do to him.  That's the thing.  I think this is about the Weapon X program, yes?  They experiment on Wolverine, to coat his bones in metal.  They experiment on Wade to give him healing powers, but it effs up his face.  Maybe they experiment on Dukes and it makes him a big fat Blob.  Just a thought.

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