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Raising Kane (Hodder) Part One

Actor/stuntman Kane Hodder revives his famous maniacal alter ego Jason in JASON X

By Pamela Harland     April 26, 2002

Kane Hodder, the man under Jason's hockey mask, at the BOOGEYMEN Seance
© 2001 Sue Schneider
He's baaaaack! Horror fans' favorite psycho mute killer is back from the grave... yet again. Jason lives! Reprising the role of Crystal Lake's notorious killer in the new film JASON X is Kane Hodder, who has played Jason in all the latter movies starting with FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD and is widely known as the definitive Jason. Thrilled to be back in the gruesome make-up, which includes a missing eye and deteriorating skin hey, the guy's been dead quite a few times Hodder affirms this is the best of the 10 films based on Jason.

To the horror fan's delight, FRIDAY THE 13TH's traditional Jason will undergo an upgrade in JASON X

"Until this movie, my favorite was part seven, but now this has become my favorite and that's the honest truth," says Hodder. "It's the best we've done."

What this one has that most of the others lacked is humor, a welcome surprise given that we have seen all the seriousness of this character we can take. Hodder says the humor is fine but he is also very protective of his slasher embodiment.

"I don't mind the humor at all as long as it's not at Jason's expense," says Hodder. "If it's humor between other actors, that's great. I think it adds to the movie."

But don't fret, for there is plenty of gore in this one too. The slayings come harsh and they come often, which is just what the fans want. And Hodder, well, he couldn't be prouder.

"I'm happy about the fact that in the first two and a half minutes of the film there are seven kills," says Hodder. "That's not a bad average."

JASON X's teens do a little terrorizing of their own in the futuristic horror thriller

By Hodder's count there are 28 murders by the time the credits roll, a pretty high number in the scheme of things. But Hodder says this is nothing new and Jason is the same old lovable killing machine lug he has always been.

"I try not to change him, purposefully," says Hodder. "I'd like to keep him constant, especially in the movements, because that's what people like to see. He doesn't speak, so that's how you know him."

Director Jim Isaac did take some liberties on just how much of Jason he shows. He focused more on his eyes, which added more personality to the role.

"It gives you a chance to see a little more character," says the 225 pound, 6'5" Hodder. "That's all I can use is my eyes and my movements for most of the movie. I don't have a voice or a face which are the two biggest tools an actor uses so I have to just do it with the way I stand and the way I turn my head, the way I walk."

The hunter becomes the hunted in JASON X

Fans seem to recognize whatever it is he does with Jason because when, in person, they find out who he is the first thing they ask is for a demonstration.

"People ask me, 'Do the Jason walk,'" laughs Hodder. "It's just me, the way I walk. I change it a little bit but it's whatever comes natural."

Reunited with his weapon of choice, the machete, in the film, Hodder says "it's traditional" to have Jason use the knife because people "identify that with Jason as well as the hockey mask."

But Jason does get even more creative in the film than that. He uses various other "instruments" to slash, kill, maim, murder and destroy his victims. In fact, Hodder has been lucky enough to take home some of the "equipment" used in the past after shooting is finished.

"I like to keep what I can," admits Hodder. "I've kept some weapons and some other things I've worn."

Check back soon for part two of our Kane Hodder profile.


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