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Raising Kane (Hodder) Part Two

The personification of Jason Voorhees talks JASON X and the possibility of FREDDY VS. JASON

By Pamela Harland     April 29, 2002

The scourge of Crystal Lake Jason returns to the big screen in JASON X
© 2002 New Line Cinema
Reprising the role of Crystal Lake's notorious killer Jason Voorhees in the new film JASON X is Kane Hodder, who has played Jason in all the latter movies starting with FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD. Widely known as the definitive Jason, the actor/stuntman is thrilled to be back in his signature role as the monstrous madman. Today we continue our talk with Hodder.

Even though Jason looks similar to what we've seen before - he has had some rotting occur through his plentiful deaths - he always looks slightly different. Luckily for Hodder, the producers were keen on making him feel comfortable this time around.

Jason takes a seat between killing people in JASON 10

"It was the first time that both looks of Jason were designed with some type of consideration for my comfort," says Hodder. "The look of Jason for the first two thirds of the movie is the most comfortable I've ever been as the character. Which is great for me because then it doesn't compromise the performance. If I get exhausted because of the suit and everything else I think it'll affect what I put on screen. Uber-Jason was a little more difficult because it was a whole suit with metallic pieces on it. It was harder, but still, made as comfortable as possible."

Still, Hodder says anyone who isn't used to having all that make-up on not to mention a metallic costume - wouldn't be able to handle it. Hodder has just gotten used to discomfort. He generally works as a stuntman in his vast 20-year career, resulting in scars and burns covering his entire body. He says nearly half of his body has been burned. His arms alone are covered with mutated flesh, healed but not gone.

Someone who does know what it's like to be in painful prosthetics and uncomfortable wardrobe is Robert Englund, who has played Freddy Krueger in all of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films. For years now there has been talk of a FREDDY VS. JASON movie and finally it looks like that might be in the works. And what is Hodder looking forward to most?

The scourge of Crystal Lake Jason returns to the big screen in JASON X

"Kicking Freddy's ass," says Hodder. "No doubt. It's a great idea to have those two characters in the same movie and New Line knows how to do that kind of thing. I'd be severely disappointed if we didn't do it. I'm sure we will."

The script - which was recently green lit is "quite good" says Hodder. And both he and Englund have discussed doing the film.

"We talk a lot," says Hodder. "We did some promos for a different DVD project last fall and that's all we talked about the whole time. He's up for it too."

Although Hodder doesn't undermine the difficulty of bringing these two characters together on celluloid, since one lives in dreams and the other is based in the real world, he does think it is feasible.

"With a few minor changes this one would be great, "says Hodder.
And Hodder thinks this will finally be the ultimate challenge for Jason.

"It just gives me something more to react to and play off of," explains Hodder, who says when it comes time to play Jason he hits the gym a little harder to bulk up. "Someone who might have some effect on Jason for once. I think Freddy is a worthy adversary."

Jason (Kane Hodder) meets Freddy (Robert Englund) at the BOOGEYMEN Seance

With Freddy and Jason's battle in the works, horror fans have something to look forward to but can satisfy their murderous cravings by checking out JASON X. Hodder guarantees true fans and new fans won't be disappointed.

"[Fans] basically just love the creativity of the kill," says Hodder. "And that's my main thing too as a horror fan. I like to invent new ways and add my own touch to it to make it more interesting."

Hodder sometimes even slows down his killings so that he can torture his victims longer for good, quality entertainment value. He says he added his special touch to one particular killing in JASON X that had him simply snapping the neck of his victim. Instead of doing it quickly and moving on, he took his time twisting his neck, giving it an even creepier effect. And who's going to argue with a mass murderer who likes to take his time?

"There's no reason for Jason to rush," says Hodder. "Nobody's going to do s**t."


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