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Ralph Winter on Fantastic Four 2 and X3

    February 18, 2007
Source: www.infuzemag.com

Producer Ralph Winter chats about the 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer', the future of the 'X-Men' and more:"Whether we see Galactus, how much of Galactus you'll see -- I can't answer that question at the moment because we truly don't know. I'm not being coy, we just haven't made a decision yet," says Winter. "We want to cut the movie together, play it out, and see if that's necessary or needed, or if it's something we can play in another movie. There is no specific plan mapped out about Galactus right now, but that is definitely the reason that the Silver Surfer comes to earth."As far as the X-Franchise goes:"The X-Men world is rich with different characters, so there are lots of spin-offs that could happen. There's talk of a 'young Magneto' movie, there's talk of 'the young X-Men,' and of course 'Wolverine'. There's plenty of places you could go in that world. I think as long as we could continue to make interesting, compelling movies that people want to see, then it could play out for a long time."More...


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