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Really Big Robot in TRANSFORMERS 2?

Some possible spoiler information..

By Jarrod Sarafin     April 07, 2008
Source: IESB

Not that the previous robots seen in the first installment were small but there could be a much bigger robot coming in the sequel if what IESB is reporting is true for Transformers 2. I say "if" because their casting announcement and possible spoiler could be false intelligence on Michael Bay's part since he warned us all a few months back of devious plans with the media. Still, their report seems true since we did see Bonecrusher in the first film of the Paramount & DreamWorks franchise even if it looked like Optimus took him out in the first film.

For new possible characters appearing in the sequel, here's what IESB reports.

  • CHUCK: conspiracy-loving roommate at Princeton to Shia Labeouf's Sam.
  • GALLOWAY: National Security Advisor and presidential liaison.
  • THERESA: Sgt. Epps' wife.
  • Other bit/supporting players
To see what big robot could be appearing, click here.


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ponyboy76 4/7/2008 2:01:22 AM
I`m not bashing Mania or anything but this passed week, news has gotten here pretty slow. Are you guys using the Pony Express? This was reported on Superherohype almost a week ago. I love Mania. I guess you guys have been busy.
laforcer69@yahoo.com_home 4/7/2008 2:52:45 AM
Pony...come on now brother...This is the first I have heard of it because this is the site I get all of my info on this type of stuff from...I know, I know, there is this whole world web wide out there and many different sources to get your fix but this is it for me and though it may be late news it's new news to me...But if I had guess why this is late here, it's probably all the work they are doing at this site but that guess is as good as anybodies...Anyways it's good too see your name amongst all these new guys that are here but of course I'm sure that is what some guys were saying when I signed up lol...Take care, be safe and all that good sappy stuff lol p.s. I don't much about Transformers other than the cartoon I watched when I was a kid, having said that I hope there is a transformer that makes all the others look like insects, in my mind that would be cool and if I were 16 years old then I would say that would be bitchen or rad dude or semi solid waste if not solid but definitely not watery, don't ask me what it all means because I am sure it means nothing lol anyways I will let you guys decipher it...
saiRoland 4/7/2008 4:12:06 AM
*sighs* Ooohhhhh noooooooo. Another shitty Transformers movie. That new animated show on CN is waaay better. It actually has a plot and a good story. (Crap animation though). Please Jesus, strand Bay on an island so he cant make anymore movies...
Darkknight2280 4/7/2008 4:55:37 AM
saiRoland Are you like one of the 10 people that didnt like the original transformers movie (2007)? I mean come on that movie was awesome, the special effects were great, action was intense and huge in scale. Granted there were cheesey lines but it was a movie about 40ft tall robots. Cant wait for transformers 2!!! Speaking of robot movies, whats the deal with the ROBOTECH movie Toby Mcguire was attached to? Havent heard anything on it.
hanso 4/7/2008 5:35:13 AM
There are way more than 10 peeps that didn't like Transformers. Pony- I agree with you on the news hitting slow here last couple of weeks. There was no coverage of the Dark Knight viral campaign stuff on April 1st, the Iron Man pictures, the Dark Knight pictures, GI JOE rumors. At least Jarrod heard our cries, they are waiting on confirmation for some of the stuff, like the GI JOE rumor and I guess they've been busy with all the other stuff they've been doing. On the Transformers 2 subject, weren't there rumors about the Dinobots being in this flick also?
irascible 4/7/2008 6:03:47 AM
Pony, Hanso - how many times does the topic of news and this website have to come up before people STFU. Not all of us review every genre site out there and just come here for news - I'm happy you have the free time to do that - but for some of us it's new news. How earth-shattering breaking news did this need to be anyway? It's rumors about a movie that comes out when? What special offer for a free playstation did we miss? How about this - maybe they waited for a few sources to report because gawd forbid they get it wrong and you bitch about that too. Oops - off topic. I would say bigger robots would be expected with Bay and company - isn't that their philosophy? "Just make things bigger (bigger explosions etc...) and it'll be better. Plot? Story? Dialog? What's that? "
ponyboy76 4/7/2008 6:21:59 AM
Irascible, get your tongue out of Mania`s asshole! Stop being such an Asshat for once. My 1st words were I wasn't bashing Mania. It was a simple question as to why the news was so late. Yes, I checked out every other genre site for this news. Oh, or maybe I just checked out the only other site I use which is Superherohype. So, do me a favor stop getting your panties in a bunch. I really hate when people come on here, trying to bite someone`s head off for no damn reason. I suggest some Tai Chi or relaxation therapy bro.
rgtchtiger 4/7/2008 6:23:18 AM
Sadly I suspect the cast list and info about the Constructicons are disinformation. Well, the part about the Constructicons is sad anyways. The cast list sounds just as padded with unnecessary extra human roles as Transformers was. As for the Constructicons, Bay and Co. would already have a major issue since Bonecrusher appeared in the first film as a military truck and Devastator was the tank. I suppose the six pieces could fit together as an unnamed robot that the audience would know as Devastator, but the fan art included in the article (while absolutely AWESOME) wouldn't work in the film. Bay wants as many moving parts and intricacies built into the robots as possible, and the fan art for the giant Devastator looks too "simple" for Bay's taste.
Rumpledforeskin 4/7/2008 6:33:27 AM
I liken the first Transformers movie to the first Xmen movie- Not a homerun but close enough to be forgiven for its many, many faults (Storms fight with Toad -including dialogue was as bad as the Transformers hiding on Sams lawn)
hanso 4/7/2008 6:42:15 AM
"how many times does the topic of news and this website have to come up before people STFU" "What special offer for a free playstation did we miss?" ---------------------------------------- Irasicble - 1. A lot more times. 2. No special offers or Playstations but the "The Dark Knight" viral campaign had people looking for bowling balls in bowling alley locker rooms which led to other clues in the game they had that day. If the item was located in a city where you lived at and you were interested in trying to get it, you would need to know the info the day the campaign was going on so you could participate in it. So as you can see sometimes you can miss out with news being late.
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