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Rebuilding The Life and Times of Igor.

3/9/2013 4:32:27 AM permalink

Oh, how the years have flown by. Or, in some cases, how they have closed in around you.

In the summer of next year, an anniversary will be reached: the original idea that founded "Life and Times of Igor," which then was a short film, which grew into a full fledged screenplay in 2006, and eventually a prequel storyline in 2008 which was promoted as a comic book.

A sizable portion of those I promoted these two projects two were very interested in the ideas, but ultimately they passed on them.

And as my manic writing fits came and went, so came and went other projects I felt were too similar to mine, so I would abandon my projects in fear of being called a plagiarist. 

Now, with the ten years nearly upon me, with gallons of ink utilized and entire forests of trees cut down to accommodate this crazy creation, not to mention Wiseguy's continued interest,, I must say I'm closing in on the completion of the prequel storyline as a novel or novella, with new materials added that didn't exist in any previous form.

According to my check list, I have half a dozen sections that need to be dealt with, a final chapter to be written, and a lead in into what will likely be an adaptation of the original screenplay into the new format.

This morning, while in town, I heard the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet "Islands in the Stream" come across the airwaves. It reminded me of a scene I had devised around that very song from the original screenplay, and reminded me I had work to do, so I'd better get to it.

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StarlightGuard 3/9/2013 4:35:48 AM

Hooray! It took!

Now, my loyal subjects (as in Jarrod, Maelstrom, wiseguy, NotAFan, etc.), we can rule the world!

So, why "Islands in the Stream?"

There was an opening sequence for the 2006 script where Igor and Victor are dumping nuclear waste in the Salt Lake of Salt Lake City, and Igor is manning the oars, so to pass the time Igor suggests taking up the song to pass the time.

It made sense 5 years ago, and is still funny to me, so what the hell.



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