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  • Platform: Playstation 2
  • ESRB: Mature
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Players: 1-4
  • Online: No
  • Developer: Volition
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Suggested Retail: $49.99
  • Graphics: A
  • Sound: A-
  • Gameplay: A
  • Replay: A-
  • Fun Factor: A
  • Reviewer's Wild Card: A


The facton is back

By Troy Roberts     December 16, 2002

No matter what time of year it is, it always seems that the market is flooded with first-person shooter video games. From your titles like JEDI OUTCAST and UNREAL CHAMPIONSHIP to MEDAL OF HONOR, you can always find a plethora of good shooter games on any system. But one that stands above the rest this holiday season is THQ's RED FACTION II for the Playstation 2.

Being the sequel to RED FACTION, one of the earlier games released on the Playstation 2 and currently for sale under Sony's Greatest Hits Collection, THQ took dramatic measures to make sure that RED FACTION II stood up to the level of anticipation created. The storyline takes place, in the future (once again), but is a little bit different than that of the last one.

You are Alias, a solider that is part of a group of humans that have been transformed into the greatest super warriors that the Commonwealth has ever seen. But when Chancellor Sopot, the leader of the Commonwealth, begins to fear his own creations, he orders all of the super soldiers destroyed. You, along with a few other members of your team, manage to escape and ally yourself with the rebellious Red Faction. Your number one priority is to take our Sopot.

For starters, RED FACTION II is gorgeous. The game looks ten times more impressive that its predecessor, and really outshines almost any other console first-person shooter on the market right now. Explosions look extremely realistic, and the enemies are modeled and rendered pretty well.

As amazing as it sounds, the gameplay has also been tweaked quite a bit this time around. RED FACTION II plays like a dream. The control is tight and cooperative, and doesn't really take that long to get used to when you start playing. There are a lot of different weapons included in the game, ranging from pistols, machine guns to the usual assortment of weaponry you'd find in a shooter. But one of the coolest features included in RED FACTION II is the dual-handed weapons. With dual handed weapons, it isn't press one button and take turns firing the weapons, or firing both of them at once. You have to hit separate fire triggers for each one (L1 for the left, R1 for the right), and really makes for some cool firefights.


Of course, a review can't go without mentioning Geo-Mod. RED FACTION was the first to do stuff with the Geo-Mod technology, and RED FACTION II is full of it, and even makes it better. Geo-Mod is basically the ability to blow up anything that can be blown up, in real time. So, say there is a door there that you need to get through. In a normal shooter, a rocket launcher couldn't take down the door. But in RED FACTION II, pull out that bad rocket launcher, keep clear, and watch the door be blown to shreds (all in real time, you must remember). Geo-Mod also makes for some fun firefights; imagine you're being fired at from multiple sides, one guy with a rocket launcher. You think hiding behind that wall will keep you safe, but then you notice the wall you were about to hide behind is no longer there. Or you see parts of the wall behind you blow apart. There is no place to hide for long in RED FACTION II, and you are always on the move.

The game also has multiple endings, and depending on certain factors, you might get a different ending according to how you play. RED FACTION II has four player support multiplayer modes, with the normal assortment of modes available like death-match, capture the flag, and over 40 maps.

RED FACTION II is an obvious improvement of a great game, and Volition really shines in its newest outing. RED FACTION II is one of the best shooters on the market.


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