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Peanuts Movie Teaser Trailer

Will it be worth while?

By Robert T. Trate     March 18, 2014

The Peanuts Movie arrives November 6th, 2015

Yes, it has been long in the works, but the Peanuts Movie is finally coming. The films is being Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and will be directed by Steve Martino (Horton Hears a Who). The animation is being done by Blue Sky Animation. Before you pass judgement, check out he trailer below. The film co-written by Schulz’s son, Craig, along with Bryan Schulz and Cornelius Uliano. Nothing is known about the plot at this time. The film is slated to arrive against James Bond #24. 2015 looks to be a great year for Hollywood!

The Peanuts Movie arrives November 6th, 2015

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CalamityJohnson 3/18/2014 8:36:30 AM

i'll enjoy it. i grew up with all the oldies but goodies: great pumpkin, the little red haired girl, bon voyage charlie brown, and even that spelling bee one where he misspelled beagle.

ElBaz13 3/18/2014 8:59:12 AM

love Charlie Brown and happy this will be in theatres next year.

Looking forward taking the kids as I introduced them to the classics the past few years.

redslayer 3/18/2014 9:11:35 AM

Maybe I'll go for the nostalgia but I can see this film sinking fast.

Chance375 3/18/2014 10:01:40 AM

If my kids don't want to see this, then screw em!  I'm in!

fft5305 3/18/2014 10:13:13 AM

a) When did this happen? b) Does it really need to be CG and 3D? c) How is this remotely genre (i.e., what is it doing on Mania)?

ultrazilla2000 3/18/2014 10:36:12 AM

 A) November 6th 2015 means it HASN'T happened yet.  B) why not CGI?  That's the current evolution of most animation.  Since its based on a comic strip, shouldn't ANY form of animation be fair play?  C)  it's the Peanuts, and it is cool.  It wouldn't matter if this was a Buddhist dating site, it would still belong.  

Hulkfan4ever 3/18/2014 10:52:41 AM

I am just glad this isn't live action like the awful Smurfs movies.

ElBaz13 3/18/2014 11:07:56 AM

Agree Hulkfan.

I'm a huge fan of stuff from my childhood but sadly, most of the movies made based on what I grew up are cheapie lve action meets animated (no doubt to cheap out on the budget)

Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield. You name it. All crappy.

But glad to hear the next Smurfs movie will be all animated and a prequel, so, no more live action and New York crap.

As for this being 3D CG, cirrect ultrazilla. That is the norm. A lot of kids today expect a big budget animated flick to be 3D CG. Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, Sony Animation, Blue Sky, etc... It's pretty given. Last 2D big animated flick was Princess and the Frog and wasn't well received.

ElBaz13 3/18/2014 11:08:45 AM

Mr Peabody and Sherman proved 3D CG from an old CG can do well.

Also, The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who. Both were also old 2D cartoons.

RaithManan 3/18/2014 12:04:48 PM

The fact they kept the classic animation style by combining hand animation with CGI of the characters is a win, just don't have them doing things like twerking or Gangnam.  Always got my love for The Peanuts, particularly Snoopy.

As far as the Smurfs go ElBaz13, Sony wasn't too pleased on the domestic profit of the last film, but the international profits endured and decided to make the 3rd film completely animated.  That was announced AMC Movietalk last month.

With Transformers, the live action approach works for it cause its plausible.  For something like Underdog, it failed miserably because it was not meant for live action.  Same with Rocky and Bullwinkle a few years back, despite it was reasonably decent. 

There are a handful of cartoons that can work as live action while much others simply just can't cause the appeal is lost and doesn't translate well.

By the way, just saw the newest Godzilla international trailer released.... STOMP EVERYTHING!!!

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