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Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/31/2015 7:36:34 AM

Not sure when the lights go out today.  Midnight Eastern?  Anybody?

Anyway, I've said my piece previously on this thread, but I will still miss this site for all the conversations and arguments over all the years.  The love, the hate, the trolls...

Godspeed and I'll see most of you over on Cinemania on FB.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/30/2015 7:14:22 AM

 Help us Obi-Wan Jansen, you're are only hope.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/27/2015 12:43:43 PM

 As Violater stated, no need to look at your news feed on FB.  That's where all the extremist (on either side of the coin) and baby pictures are.  If all you are interested in is Cinemania, once you 'like' the page, just log-in to FB and then click the search icon and start typing CInemania, it'll pop up pretty quickly and you can surf directly to the page without threading through all the waste.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/26/2015 7:27:15 AM

 Blank, I love The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai!  Classic 80's cult sci-fi comedy!  I hadn't seen it in a while, so I popped it in the DVD player a few months back and it's still awesome!  Yes, I own the DVD.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/25/2015 9:34:29 AM

 Blank, I think Booker's last comment was a quote from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/24/2015 7:17:05 AM

 As yooouuuu wisssshhhhh.

The Flash: Out of Time Review (Article) - 3/20/2015 8:35:09 AM

 If they'd drop the CW melodrama, then yes the show could get better.  That said, it was an awesome episode and it's by far the best superhero show we've had in a while.  What will also make this show even better is when Mark Hamil guest stars in a few weeks.  I saw the preview online and it was amazing.  Even had some stills from The Trickstes's trial from the original series worked in.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/19/2015 12:36:28 PM

 I wouldn't bother adding a new account just to remain anonymous either.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/19/2015 12:35:52 PM

 yeah. I think most who did the aliases were FB newbies.  The ones with their real names had been around for a while.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/19/2015 12:14:31 PM

 I think some of the folks on here are creating aliases for FB (assuming they weren't on FB previously) to make it easier to find everyone and to stay somewhat anonymous but most of us had accounts using our real names, so now there's a list on the Cinemania page that lists who's who.


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