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The Khan Quagmire (Article) - 5/26/2009 1:47:48 PM

Yeah, the first movie is a bit long and does drag in spots, but I still like the film.  I also like the way Shatner later drew upon V-Ger for his book The Return and made V-Ger the creator of the Borg.  They even later used the same score for V-Ger in The Motion Picture and put it in certain Borg scenes in First Contact. 

The Khan Quagmire (Article) - 5/26/2009 8:57:25 AM

If you want to nitpick, there's only what a hundred and something crew members aboard the original Enterprise.  Yet, in the new Trek film George Kirk saved over 800 lives on board the Kelvin.  That's a damn big ship for being designed at least 25 years earlier.

Still, love Khan, but it definitely has it's flaws and inconsistancies.

Sackhoff? Typhoid? DAREDEVIL Redux? Rumors fly! (Article) - 5/26/2009 8:45:52 AM

Has anyone on here heard anything about a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie?  I heard a little something about it on the radio this morning, but I missed most of the story.  I heard that it wouldn't be anything like the 1990's movie or the tv series.  If that's the case, why not just call it something different?

Enjoy the Nostalgia Before Will Ferrell Craps on it (Article) - 5/26/2009 8:39:12 AM

Catko, good luck on the Reaper front. I never watched the show, but I understand the feeling of wanted cancelled shows back. Unfortunately, I doubt that Tribune would make that type of an investment at least not at the moment. All Tribune stations are taking MAJOR cutbacks due to the economy.

Enjoy the Nostalgia Before Will Ferrell Craps on it (Article) - 5/25/2009 7:30:15 AM

That King Arthur movie from starring Clive Owen was absolute crap.  I'm sorry, but that was one of the worst movies that I've ever seen.  I guess this just proves that everyone is entitled to their own opinions on things.  I just can't believe anyone actually liked it.

Shyamalan's AIRBENDER Revealed (Article) - 5/24/2009 7:36:53 AM

Terrence Howard would be probably one of the worst actors anyone could pick to play Supes.  That's not a racist comment, either.  It's the fact  that Howard sounds like a 15 year old girl when he talks.  He simply doesn't have the voice to play a character like Superman and no villian would ever take him seriously.

BTW, How does M. Night keep getting work?  The guy's a hack.  I've seen Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village and Unbreakable.  All were crap.  Unbreakable wasn't as bad as the others, but it wasn't good either.  Sixth Sense is highly over-rated.  SPOILERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Bruce Willis was shot in the gut at the beginning of the film with no means of calling for help of course he was f'n dead!  Signs...So aliens who seeming only have one weakness (water) and are smart enough to have mastered space travel decide to invade a planet that is 75% water and whose dominate species is also made up of 75% water.  F'N DUMB!  And The VIllage, ok, who didn't see that twist coming after watching the trailer for the film.  LAME!

CW Reveals 2009-2010 Pickups (Article) - 5/24/2009 7:17:57 AM

I actually liked that they killed Jimmy and revealed that he was the "real" Jimmy Olson.  His kid brother is probably Henry James Olson III or something.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 5/22/2009 8:50:38 AM

My thought is you bring in a badass like DarkSeid or Brainaic or Doomsday and they kill Superkid, which forces Supes to become on angry, pissed off God! 

Wiseguy, if you watch the Donnor Cut of Superman II, he and Lois actually hook up before he gives up his powers.  Didn't Donnor see Mallrats?  And yes, I know Mallrats came out long after Superman II, but Donnor's Cut was done after Mallrats, so he should have known better.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 5/22/2009 8:36:02 AM

Thanks for clearing that up.  Hadn't thought about model number refering to the appearance of the T-800.

ABC Reveals 2009-2010 Lineup (Article) - 5/21/2009 4:41:35 PM

Yes, Firefly was a GREAT show.  Unfortunately, it was on FOX and they didn't like anything they didn't create.  So yes, it's good he's in a show that will live on passed season one.


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