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ANT-MAN Begins Production (Article) - 8/19/2014 11:12:48 AM

 Even if the FF is a flop Fox will shoehorn them into the X-Men franchise. They get to keep the rights without putting out a FF movie every few years. It wouldn't me surprise at all if that were to happen. They don't have to use all of them to retain the rights, just one character. Unless the rights contract stipulated that they're obliged to keep them as package deal and not split them up.

Episode VII Villains Revealed? (Article) - 8/16/2014 11:14:26 AM

I take all these leaks and rumors with a grain of salt until the first trailer. But it does make sense they would cherry pick the parts of the EU.

THE INHUMANS Movie Next for Marvel (Article) - 8/13/2014 7:17:02 AM

I think that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be called gifteds. They'll push the envelope, falling just short of calling them mutants. They probably already had existing powers but were captured and brainwashed by Hydra. 

Robin Williams has Passed (Article) - 8/12/2014 7:42:02 AM

There's so many characters and moments in his career that it's hard to zero in on a favorite. So I'm not going to dwell on the circumstances of his death.  I read that in his role as the genie in Aladdin in one scene he did 52 different characters in 2:30 seconds. That's mind blowing. 

The Strain: Runaways Review (Article) - 8/11/2014 9:44:08 AM

The book series never really grabbed me. I read the first book and muddled though the second but didn't bother with the third.  The main character just didn't click with me.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Changes Release Date (Article) - 8/7/2014 7:43:59 AM

Violatorr, it's more that the Guardians were C/D list characters. It blows out of the water some Marvel haters that claim they suck because they don't have access to their A-list characters like Spiderman and X-Men. I remember the old saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Marvel took thier lemons and made champagne. 

Marvel Female Superhero FILM Coming Soon (Article) - 8/5/2014 6:57:11 AM

If this Sinister Six movie fails I think all of Sony's plans to build a Spider-verse will collapse. Including this female lead film. So it's cool Sony is planning this, but I've got my doubts that it's going to happen. 

Marvel Female Superhero FILM Coming Soon (Article) - 8/4/2014 2:35:57 PM

 Fiege is being coy and evasive about it but I've little doubt that a Captain Marvel film is in thier plans. If they can make 94.3 million in it's opening weekend from an obscure property like GotG. A property that's way more obscure than Iron was. They can use the same marketing genius to get people excited about a Captain Marvel movie. 

Marvel Female Superhero FILM Coming Soon (Article) - 8/4/2014 1:35:45 PM

 There's a rumor of a Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel cameo in A2.

Mania Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (Article) - 8/2/2014 8:03:20 AM

I haven't seen it yet.  I'll wait until the following weekend. It'll be less crowded. It's looking to make close to a 100 million this weekend. If it does, it doesn't look good for the Turtles.


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