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DarthoftheDead 10/5/2012 9:39:11 AM

@VermithraxPejorative .....

What do you want?

Dont give me that! You Snotty-Faced Heap of Parrot Dropping's!

Shut your Festering Gob, you Tit! 

Your type make's me Puke!

You Vacuous Toffe-Nosed Malordorous Pervert!

skoora 10/8/2012 11:16:47 AM

 "DarthoftheDead, now is not a great time to be a movie fan. Back in the day, the 70's and 80's, was when movies were still good and original, for the most part. Today's movies rely on remakes, CGI, and remakes. I'm glad I grew up during the 70's and 80's when going to the movies was so much better!"

Sorry Darth, I agree with this 100%. The last time something new came along that made an original impact that I remember was the first Matrix movie. Also Pitch Black was great. Released around the same time I think.  Can't remember the last time I was excited to see a movie. If I see a movie and enjoy it, it's never awesome, I'm just grateful it didn't suck. 

Wiseguy 10/9/2012 8:30:53 AM

It's not a great time to be a movie fan it's a FUCKING GREAT TIME, especially when talking genre.

All who disagree IMO are just jaded because too much of a good thing. Never have we seen so many dream projects make it to the screen, things we never thought we'd see. It's easy for some to lose perspective when at times we get as many as 5 comic book films in one year not to mention other sci/fi films. Back then it may be years in-between so each film would seem more impressive only or partly due to the lack of competition. Not the case nowadays.

DarthoftheDead 10/9/2012 8:52:44 PM

@skoora - LOL, You dont have to apologize to me for your lack of taste and perception, but Thank's for showing me your ignorance and making me Laugh.

DarthoftheDead 10/9/2012 8:54:15 PM

@Wiseguy - I could'nt agree with you more!!!

DarthoftheDead 10/10/2012 4:44:41 AM

 Sheesh, young people these day's. lol, they are just like Loki, NO Conviction!

DarthoftheDead 10/10/2012 4:48:18 AM

 Ya know what REALLY SUCKED, Super Car, lol.

DarthoftheDead 10/10/2012 5:29:27 PM

what's a man gotta do

DarthoftheDead 10/10/2012 5:30:07 PM

to whom it may concern

DarthoftheDead 10/10/2012 5:31:25 PM

Dont ever let em see ya sweat

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