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Reitman Open to GHOSTBUSTERS 3

Ivan may return to direct.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 06, 2009
Source: MTV Movies Blog

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While at various House of Blues openings, co-creator and star Dan Ackroyd has mentioned that they want Ivan Reitman to return behind the camera to direct the upcoming sequel Ghostbusters 3. The only issue of concern is Ivan's very busy schedule at the moment, which has Dan mentioning Harold Ramis as a credible back-up.

Not so fast.

With the franchise heating up as Columbia releases the films on Blu-ray this month (June 16), Ivan Reitman has indicated to the MTV Movies Blog that he could return if the script is right.

“I’ve never ruled [directing it] out,” Reitman told MTV News. “I certainly was responsible in every capacity for the first two movies so I certainly wouldn’t wander away from the third one—especially if it’s something we all think is worth doing.”

The original director also confirmed the recent hints that two female recruits could be joining the ecto-plasma team. Click here to find out more.


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Chopsaki 6/6/2009 11:58:21 AM

Who ya gonna call? Ivan Reitman!

fft5305 6/6/2009 3:30:00 PM

Meh. I have yet to get hyped about this movie.  Loved the 1st one, but thought the 2nd was fairly lame. Nothing makes me thing a 3rd would be any better.

jedi4sshield 6/6/2009 3:48:38 PM

Are you kidding this would be perfect! He's is the Reit -man for the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flint521466 6/6/2009 4:24:08 PM

I'm w/ fft.  Everytime Ackroyd talks about this flick it sounds a lil' bit lamer.  This has "Blues Brothers 2000" written all over it.

hanso 6/6/2009 6:09:53 PM

Ivan Reitman would be awesome!!!..........if it was still the 1980s.

His last few films have sucked.  Keep him out of it.  The cast will make this film, I have forseen it.

Whitelotuspriest 6/6/2009 8:38:45 PM

Actually, I think Ivan reitman will be great for this. He did a great job with the first one. If the writing is a good, entertaining, fun story and like Hanso says if they have a great cast I think he'll do fine.

BryanWay 6/7/2009 12:02:58 AM

After watching the first movie hundreds of times on TV, VHS, and DVD, I just saw it tonight in a theatre for the first time ever in 35mm. Hasn't dulled at all with age and the audience response was sensational. Even if they make a third film and it isn't good, nothing can take away from the original.

sinister666 6/7/2009 1:07:24 AM


krathwardroid 6/7/2009 2:13:42 AM

This is good news. Yes, I agree that Evolution sucked ass, but don't rule Ivan out yet. This is worth it.

Hmmmmmmm, I love the idea of female Ghostbusters recruits. It worked in Extreme Ghostbusters. I am totally game for this. If they stick to what made the first movie good, this will work.

Wiseguy 6/7/2009 7:54:43 AM

Yeah he was a 10 on the first film and a 0 on the second. He's running on fumes from things he did in the 80's. Twins I think was probably his last decent film. This guy is done IMHO.

Maybe they should just let Apatow direct it and he can bring his gang with him, just leave Rogen and Jack Black's a.d.d. ass out.

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