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Friday the 13th Update

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Release Date for NEW Friday the 13th

Jason Lives, AGAIN

By Robert T. Trate     November 27, 2013
Source: Daily Dead

Friday the 13th arrives May 13th, 2016.
© Paramount Pictures

Daily Dead (via Box Office Mojo) is reporting that after Paramount wrestled back control of their beloved Jason Voorhees (see story here) and have now gone an announced a release date for his next film. It must be hard trying to pick the right day for a film called Friday the 13th. After all, how many of those days can be on a calendar? Wait... you guessed it, the release date is Friday, March 13th, 2015. On a the other side of that joke, imagine you are a producer and have to get the film about by then. If you fail you would clearly have to wait until the next Friday the 13th, right?

Nothing else is known about the film at this juncture. The title will probably change. Will it be an off shoot of Warner Brothers story? Will it get rebooted? Will it be in space? Wait they did that one already. How about Jason in ancient Mesopotamia this time around?

Sound off below Maniacs with your titles and story lines for the next Friday the 13th

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dojen1 11/27/2013 7:23:04 AM

re: a reboot, or reimagining of Friday the 13th...

Who the fudge cares...? To quote Ferris Beuhler: "It's over! Go home!"


Wiseguy 11/27/2013 7:27:50 AM

I'm possibly the most forgiving and accepting of fans when it comes to remakes and reboots. However this series has jumped the shark in a nuked fridge and just needs to stay dormant for about 20 years before it's reintroduced to the public. Hopefully by that time all those forgettable sequels will have been completely forgotten with all copies and master copies destroyed

jedibanner 11/27/2013 1:03:38 PM

Friday the 13th I-IV were fun...then it all went to hell. The Freddy Vs Jason was entertaining (loads of blood) but the remake...meh....

hfc7036 11/27/2013 2:13:32 PM

 Let's face it, Friday the 13th is not going away.  This was a no brainer.

thezillaman 11/27/2013 6:02:00 PM

 Cool, sex drugs and blood'n guts. 

VTGamehendge 11/27/2013 9:05:54 PM

I actually am one of the few who liked the reboot from a few years ago.  I'm fine with another one and I hope they stick with the slight changes they made to Jason himself.

VTGamehendge 11/28/2013 8:48:13 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Maniacs!


Dazzler 11/30/2013 6:30:09 AM

The space one is my favorite. 

I hope they continue the old one myself.  I hope they get back to Jason vs .....

Moz72 11/30/2013 11:34:53 PM

Admitedly, Friday the 13th did kind of jump the Sharknado but c'mon..who didn't enjoy Jason X, even just a little bit?

VTGamehendge 12/2/2013 6:42:38 AM

Moz, I agree.  When my dad and I walked out of the theater after seeing Jason X I said to him that it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but it was one of the most ENTERTAINING movies I've ever seen.



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