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Re-Masters of the Universe

Mattel's He-Man is buffer, tougher and ready to take on the 21st century

By Andrew Kardon     May 14, 2002

He-Man before and after his 2002 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE relaunch
© 2001 Mattel, Inc.

It's true what they say: It's hard to keep a good man down. And apparently it's even harder to keep a good HE-MAN down. Yep, it seems neither time nor the evil minions of Skeletor could keep the big guy out of the picture for long.

Nearly 20 years after Mattel first introduced the world to He-Man and his Masters of the Universe, the company is relaunching the popular boy's toy line. But it's not just due to good timing or the fact that retro toys are all the rage these days. Apparently, Mattel just didn't have a choice.

"He-Man just couldn't be denied," said Jeremy Padawer, associate product manager for the Masters of the Universe line. "The demand from the collector market was readily apparent from the numerous Web sites and fan clubs, and the demand from kids was overwhelming in our testing."


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