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Renny Harlin on the trials of making 'Brodie's Law'

    June 26, 2007

Director Renny Harlin gives a frank interview about the difficulties of bringing the indie comic 'Brodie's Law' to the big screen:

It has been like being castrated by a rusted pitchfork. Actually it has not been too bad, just a matter of patience. The easiest part was the adaptation, which took only a couple of months, which is an absolute miracle. Getting people interested in the project has been fairly easy.

It has just been a matter of pulling the less compelling pieces together, meaning money, contracts, all of those things that make us tear our hair out waiting. But now we're ready to move into hyper-drive and shoot this.

And what was the attraction for Harlin?

Because it is the most debauched and insane thing I have ever read. I wanted to do something completely different than anything I have ever done, and there I was flipping through pages of Rastafarians, psycho-kinetic drugs, and men falling in love with chain saws, I thought, you know - I think this might be it.

Lots more at the interview.


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