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Tevii 9/27/2010 8:20:39 AM


Im curious why they decided not to go with Geoff Johns The Flash story for the movie. Im sure it mustve been good. Probably more stupid decision making by clueless Suits.

Im sick oe hearing about Edward Norton. Who the F cares.

oooooh I love Morena Baccarin. THE HOTTEST WOMAN on the PLANET!

LocoLobo73 9/27/2010 8:24:33 AM

I enter the Void only to find my self at another Monday. Which seems to the case with news over the weekend, The only comments i have today would be the fact that DC is moving toward , Barry Allens verson of the Flash, yeah i know hes back in the comics , but I still prefer Wally West. Barry was always so serious , and if we ever do get to see a Justice League, I think the banter between GL and Flash was always better with Wally. That being said if JLios made at least we know who is going to die, cause the Flash always dies. 

As far as Avengers, Joss said he was going to bring more women to the show, and The Wasp is one of the founders so she should be there, the question is who will play her woman beating husband ? I still think we need to Nate Fillion, he is a bit older but still would be great as Antman/ giant man

Wiseguy 9/27/2010 8:33:41 AM

I get really pumped reading Whedon on the Avengers. It just seems that he knows exactly what he needs to do. Obviously he may be doing a little bit of ass kissing but it sounds like Feige is giving him enough latitude to make it his film.

Glad to hear that their aiming for Barry Allen's Flash and not that impostor Wally West. What can I say I'm old school

Every little bit I see of Capt.America makes me feel more confident it's going to rock. Evans looks great and the hair really makes him look from that era.

Langoria or Baccarin both look like they could do the Wasp justice. My top choice right now is Grace Park, just love her

They're going to AVATAR the Hulk, that's great. I take it that he's referring to the "emo-cam" to capture his facial expressions. I hope Ruffalo gets a shot at a solo Hulk filom down the line too.

Norton kissing ass on the DC side now? That's funny


8man 9/27/2010 8:49:31 AM

Green Lantern will rock!  Captain America will rock!

Sounds like they have the right idea with the Flash.  Won't get my hopes up until I actually see footage from the film.  Whenever that happens.  I still can't believe I'm actually going to see a blockbuster Captain America movie!

Baccarin is no stranger to the super hero world.  She voiced the Black Canary on several episodes of JLU.  The fact that she physiologically is a virtual perfect fit for the part don't hurt either.  But I echo the sentiments above, I thought Ant-Man and the Wasp were out.  Where are they putting them?  Or is this for the Ant-Man movie?

CaptAmerica04 9/27/2010 9:08:55 AM

I <3 Morena Baccarin.  She's be awesome as the Wasp!!!

And the set photos from Captain America have me RIDICULOUSLY excited.  Evans is YOKED OUT.  I've been afraid of getting my hopes up, but MY GOD it looks good so far!!

monkeyfoot 9/27/2010 9:23:32 AM

That's not Chris Evans in those Cap photos. If you enlarge them you wil see this is another case of Stuntman At Work similar to the previous motorcycle pics. Someone even comments on that page saying some of the stuntmen were training at their gym.

jfdavis 9/27/2010 9:25:33 AM

Antman and Wasp are out of the first Avengers but you know they'll be in the franchise somehow sometime.  Baccarin is one step above Longoria for the role of Wasp in my opinion not that Eva would suck.  Judging by the casting rumors (including Olivia Munn for that matter) they're going with a dark haired woman.  Oddly the cartoon, which uses the movies as a basis judging by the appearence of JARVIS, has the Janet of the light brown hair...

Though I find the references to both Silence of the Lambs and Seven kind of odd in reference to the Flash it's good they're using the CSI thing to get more people interested. Also, it's Wally that the more comical version for some reason.

CAP- Will Kruger have a thing for Peggy then kill her? (Robin Hood reference for those not in the know) I'm glad Peggy not likely to be in any further films...

Hobbs 9/27/2010 9:27:09 AM

Morena Baccarin would be a great Wasp.  Baccarin having the Whedon conneection helps too.  I like Eva, wouldn't kick her out of bed, but man she can't act to save her freaking life. 

Like the Cap pics, Evans looks like Cap or at least very close to it.  Here's hoping Johnston can still pull off a great movie.


monkeyfoot 9/27/2010 9:31:06 AM

Excuse me, It is only the running action shots that are a stuntman.

littlemikey979 9/27/2010 10:22:11 AM

Mark Strong is the man! I can't wait to see him put on the yellow ring and lay the smack on Ryan.

Captain is looking better and better glad we are getting pics and vids, FINALLY! Now if we could just get a shot of him in full costume or at least holding the shield.

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