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scytheofluna 3/20/2009 8:10:11 AM

Having played RE 4 about 50 times, and having bought it on all three consoles it was released for, I can say that if you liked that game you will like this one.  They've taken a few steps backwards in terms of the inventory, and the partner A.I. is helpful at times, and crushingly frustrating at others. 

Sheva will sometimes hand you ammunition from her inventory.  Sometimes this can be very useful, like when you're about to run out of shotgun ammo at a bad time to be out of shotgun ammo.  However, let's say you spy a badly needed health herb or medical spray, and  you've both got all nine of your inventory blocks filled, and one your slots contains something you can live without, like two stray rounds of pistol ammo, or a flash grenade.  You drop the unneeded item to grab the herb, and before you can pick it up Sheva shoves a bunch of pistol ammo or something into your empty pocket, preventing you from grabbing the much needed medicinal item and you end up getting killed.  So your best bet to avoid unneeded demise is to find a buddy to play online with.  I prefer to tough things out on my own the first time through, and give Co-op a go on round two, but so far this game is excellent, if not a small step backward from RE4

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