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Resistance is Futile!

The British-developed C-12: FINAL RESISTANCE invades original PlayStation consoles

By James Stevenson     August 07, 2002

This summer, Sony continues its support of the aging original PlayStation console with the release of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's C-12: FINAL RESISTANCE. The game has sold well in Europe, and with 34 million PlayStation consoles in North America, that trend should continue here.

Developed by the same studio that released the acclaimed MEDIEVIL games, C-12's storyline revolves around an alien invasion of Earth. The aliens have begun to turn humans into attack drones, and are planning to harvest all of the non-radioactive carbon from the Earth. Your character, Riley Vaughan, must take on the alien invasion armed with an imaging unit implanted to replace his left eye, and an arsenal of weapons designed to decimate the alien threat.

This bleak picture of the future seems more fitting for a Hollywood movie, but Sony's Cambridge Studios has put a lot of movie magic into the game.


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