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ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and SLEEPING BEAUTY are the latest to get restored, but are they really the same films anymore?

By Scott Collura     November 01, 2003

Landmark movies have been tinkered with pretty much since the first flick in the history of cinema was deemed "a classic." But along with the inevitable alterations, restorations, remasterings and director's cuts of films that have creeped up over the decades, so have the critics of such processes. And while many so-called preservation "innovations" have proven to be little more than bastardization schemes need we invoke the name of Colorization? others are genuine attempts at immortalizing great movies.

Case in point: Disney's Sleeping Beauty special edition and Warner Home Video's new Warner Legends Collection, which offers remastered special edition DVDs of The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Yankee Doodle Dandy. 1938's Robin Hood is the highlight of the latter collection, with an "Ultra-Resolution" restoration which has brought out details in the film that haven't been visible ever before... unless you were on the actual set of the film, that is!


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