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Retro Style

A look at some old TV series that are just begging for updates

By Troy Roberts     September 05, 2003

With the apparent lack of new ideas for video games lately, most gaming companies seem to have found a time machine that lets them see what was popular 20, even 30 years ago. I just got finished wrapping up articles for the magazine a few weeks ago on the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and TRON 2.0 games and got to thinking: what other great old franchises are out there that are just beginning for an upgrade into the gaming world? There are tons that I've found!

GILLIGANS ISLAND Sure, you laugh now but when this games sells out at stores nationwide you'll be thinking "Troy, that was such a good idea." You get to play as either Gilligan or the Skipper and you have to rescue your comrades who were captured by a tribe of locals on the island, all the while trying to find a way off the island. Put it in 3D with real-time effects and gameplay and you've got a sure hit on your hands.

AIRWOLF This was one of my favorite shows when growing up, and while helicopter games have been done to death in the past, this game would be awesome. Sure, there was that old NES version, but an put the game on the PC with joystick support, a few missions where you can run around on the ground, and the classic theme song, and you've got another classic hit that today's generation won't even remember.

CHIPS I'm really surprised this one hasn't been made yet. How could it not? CHIPS was a great show! If you get the original actors to voice over Ponch and John Baker, you've got a sure fire hit on your hands. CHIPS will always be remembered for the cool motorcycle chases (well, kind of), so there have to be plenty of those in the game. Whatever company picks up the license to CHIPS will be glad they did whenever it's on top of the sales and rentals charts.

GOLDEN GIRLS Yes, I'm sure you really think I'm insane now. And yes, if I'm listing GOLDEN GIRLS on here, I probably have lost my mind. But I'm sure there would be some point to this game, and there would at least be one person in the world who would pick this one up.

Okay, I'm obviously half-joking on most of these titles, but it's all in good fun. But seriously, what old television show of movie from the 70s or 80s that hasn't had a game incarnation recently or ever would you like to see turned into a game? Shoot us an e-mail and let us know! E-mail us at


The new MEDAL OF HONOR: ALLIED ASSAULT expansion, BREAKTHROUGH, will hit store shelves later this month...Nintendo's PIKMIN 2 has been delayed until next year...The popular anime, YU YU HAKUSHO, will debut on the Game Boy Advance in December...

The cast from GOLDEN GIRLS desperately need a game!


Tough call. FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE looks awesome, but James hasn't gotten around to letting me know how it is. But then again, SAVAGE: BATTLE FOR NEWERTH looks good too. Take your pick.

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