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The Return of FAN ART!

How to post to the all new gallery

By Rob M. Worley     November 24, 2008

Fan Art Returns title (slideshow) - Featuring this amazing Wonder Woman poster by Maniac joshwmc
© Mania

It's back by popular demand: The old Comics2Film Fan Art Gallery has been transported over to and is now open for business.

Praised by the likes of Guillermo del Toro and one of the most popular features of the previous site, the Fan Art Gallery has long been a haven for photoshop gurus and burgeoning comic artists eager to practice their craft and show off the results.

The process for posting fan art on Mania is a bit different, so we've got a step-by-step guide to posting your first image. If you'd rather just browse through the less-detailed illustrated edition CLICK HERE.

Step #1 - Your maniac status

If you are not already a registered Maniac, the first thing you'll need to do is register with If you are already registered then you should also log in.

Once your are logged in you'll see your Maniac status in the upper right corner of every page of the site:

To proceed to your Fan Art space, you can click on your name in the Maniac status area. The other way to access your personal home on Mania is to click the [MY MANIA] menu item o

Step #2 - Accessing your image space

After Step #1 you should be at your personal space on Mania. As a registered Maniac you have access to lots of social networking features and content authoring tools, including your own blog, video sharing and, of course, image galleries.

We're most interested in the image galleries, so click the [IMAGES] item on the secondary menu bar:

Step #3 - your personal galleries

After step #2, you should find yourself in your personal gallery space. Galleries are like albums or folders. You can have several if you want to keep your images organized.

If you don't have a gallery created yet, click the [ADD A NEW GALLERY] link on your galleries page. If you do have one you can just click into the thumbnail for that gallery.

Returning C2F Fan Artists: If you had fan art posted on, then you should find a gallery already created for you, and populated with your artwork from the old website.

 Step #5 - Adding an image to your gallery

Once you've clicked into a new or existing gallery, you're ready to upload an image. Click the [UPLOAD PHOTOS TO GALLERY] link on the gallery page.

Step #6 - An important note about The Upload Form

After following step #5 you should see the image upload form. It's pretty self-explanatory but there's one critical step you need to be aware of.

If you want your artwork to appear in Mania's Fan Art Gallery, you need to click the [FAN ART] check box.

Returning C2F Readers: The Mania fan art gallery improves on the old C2F gallery in that your fan art becomes visible on the site almost immediately. There is no gallery moderator doing updates. You upload it and it appears

NOTE #1 - Browsing the fan art

As fan art contributions are uploaded they appear in the global Fan Art gallery almost immediately. You can [GO HERE] to view it. You'll also easily find the link on the sub-navigation bar in the Comics section:

NOTE #2 - Featured fan art

Works of Fan Art are featured prominently on Mania's Comics page. Our Fan Art editor will select his favorite submissions to appear here on an ongoing basis. The more fan art that comes in the more these items will change, so start uploading!

NOTE #3 - Talk Amongst Yourselves... has a section of the message boards called "By the Fans, For the Fans". That's the place to talk about fan art, trade PhotoShop tips and plan fan art events!

Returning C2F Readers: The "Fan Artist Central" message boards are a direct ancestor of the old Digital Concept Gallery Gab message boards. Enjoy!


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UnimatrixOne 11/25/2008 5:59:30 AM

ALmost missed this comment box, I kept clicking the one at the top and thought I was being redirected to the FANDANGO ad.

Well, I know I am one of few who are glad to hear this news. I hope some of the other people whose work that I have really come to enjoy return.  ANYONE out there? ................Hello......................................Hello? Anyway, have fun people!

KLA1A 10/23/2009 9:49:27 PM

I am glad to see the Fan Art back.  I was afraid my own would be gone.  I found that one of my manips got switched for someone else's. How do I change it?.



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