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"Return of the Monster" Exclusive!

Horror writer Bruce Jones and artist John Romita Jr. begin a new era in the life of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, AKA THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

By Arnold T. Blumberg     November 02, 2001

Cover art to INCREDIBLE HULK #34
© 2001 Marvel Comics
The Incredible Hulk has long been one of the Marvel Universe's core characters, based in the early Stan Lee/Jack Kirby conceit of a hero wearing the body of a monster. He has also been a remarkably changeable character, going through a number of incarnations from dumb, childlike brute to intelligent hybrid to grey-skinned mob enforcer.

John Romita Jr. interior artwork for THE INCREDIBLE HULK #34.

Now the Hulk and his scrawny alter ego are about to embark on another adventure, courtesy of newly arrived scribe Bruce Jones and artist John Romita Jr. Dubbed "Return of the Monster," the new story arc which will take Banner on an extended journey and introduce him to a mysterious new benefactor begins with THE INCREDIBLE HULK #34.

Banner's on the run in this sneak peek at John Romita Jr.'s interior artwork for THE INCREDIBLE HULK #34.

As seen in this exclusive preview artwork from #34, the new Hulk tale will explore "unmined area" in Banner's psyche, according to Jones. He also expresses admiration for Romita's contribution to the story.

Banner has a mysterious new friend in this sneak peek at INCREDIBLE HULK #34.

"I'll tell you the distinction between a comic artist who is good and one who is great: it's when you get back what you've put on paper and the end result actually exceeds your expectations. [BANNER miniseries artist Richard] Corben is like that. These guys don't merely rise to your needs, they surpass them, delighting you with things about your work you didn't even realize were there. I bow to no man in my admiration for them."

Enjoy this advance look at the next chapter in the life of the Hulk, and then join Banner for the first leg of the trip in INCREDIBLE HULK #34!


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