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RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN online plans revealed

Title to have mission-based online multiplayer

By James Stevenson     August 07, 2001
Source: Activision

In a press release today, id Software announced that RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN will feature complex, mission-based, multiplayer missions.

The multiplayer missions will consist of combat scenarios. Playing as either an Axis or Ally soldier, the missions will require storming beaches, hoilding positions, or sneaking into a military facility. Multiple mission maps feature locations such as a Nazi Laboratory, and an Axis Airbase.

"Set against the backdrop of the greatest conflict the world has ever known, RETURN TO CASLTE WOLFENSTEIN is poised to deliver a deep, team-based multiplayer gaming experience, in addition to an amazing single-player campaign," says Larry Goldberg, executive vice president of Activision Worldwide Studios.  "The varied countryside of World War II-era Germany lends itself to a wide array of game scenarios that will provide both machinegun maniacs and silent assassins with virtually limitless replayability."

"The WOLFENSTEIN universe is rife with possibilities for truly incredible gamplay," states Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software.  "By working closely with Gray Matter and Nerve, we can simultaneously develop rich, fully-realized single and multiplayer experiences.  Gamers are going to be blown away."

In addition to the mission-based nature, gamers will also be able to choose from multiple character classes, each with its own traits and weapons. The game should be available later this year.


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