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Revealing The Octopus in 'The Spirit'

By Jim Harvey     September 14, 2008
Source: chats up Allan Apone, president and CEO 0f Makeup & Effects Laboratories, who handled makeup on 'The Spirit'. Apone talks about visualizing Samuel L. Jackson's character,  The Octopus, a Will Eisner creation whose face is never seen in the comics.

"[Director Frank Miller] had the idea for the tear drop tattoos under his eyes. The rest of the makeup is a combination of myself and Sam," Apone said. "When they decided that The Octopus would wear different outfits as 'costumes', Sam said to me that we should have the looks change for each outfit. The tear drops and eyeliner are the one things that stay constant throughout."

Click through for more about the challenges of working with Sam Jackson and a green screen. (Note: English version is at bottom of page).


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