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Review: Stan Lee Present's The Condor

By Edward Goodsmith     April 01, 2007

From the DVD cover: Tony Valdez (voiced by Wilmer Valderrama) is a college dropout who turned his back on his family's robotics corporation to become a champion skateboarder. But when his parents are murdered and Tony's legs are destroyed in a brutal beating, he uses his father's experimental NanoBot technology to walk again. Now as the superhuman skater known as the Condor, Tony must reconcile a crime fighting conscience with his rage for vengeance. What is the missing component to his parent's DNA regeneration formula? Why is their sinister ValTech partner creating a race of adrenaline-crazed killers? And who is the depraved super-villain sworn to destroy Condor?

Holy Latino stereotype, Batman! It seems that every new Stan Lee presents DVD is just another attempt for him to hit a niche market. But do you really think that the bald headed, low-rider driving, hip-hop listening, Latino's portrayed in this movie are going to pick up a superhero DVD? Maybe Stan Lee is just trying too hard, he seems to be loosing his touch.

This movie follows Tony Valdez, as he becomes the skateboarding superhero, The Condor. I couldn't relate to any of the characters in this weak story line, Wilmer Valderrama has to be the worst voice actor I've ever heard. The guys that do are better at it. It seems as though Valderrama was reading from a script (which he is) and that kept me feeling 100% uninvolved with his character at all times. Not only that, he used the same accent that he used in That 70s Show, I can't for the life of me relate to a foreign exchange student from Minnesota turned So Cal superhero. The other characters seem generic and stiff. The best character in the whole movie was Stan Lee who dropped in for a visit mid-movie, that man has some enthusiastic voice acting capabilities.

Don't even get me started on the plot...wait...ok...yeah, get me started on the plot. It was so generic, so... same old same old. Man's parents die, man seeks revenge, man becomes superhero. Come on Stan Lee, give me something new, give me something that I've never seen before!

The extras in this DVD are fairly run of the mill. You've got a making of documentary, where I witnessed just how detached Valderrama really is; it's easy to see why his voice shows no emotion. There are a couple of galleries which showcase some stills from the movie, a character gallery with an enthusiastic Stan Lee standing by ready to give quips about that character. There's a really cheesy "Meeting of Two Giants: Stan Lee vs. Wilmer Valderrama" feature, just one question since when is the host of 'Yo Mama' a giant? I bet you're expecting me to tell you about the commentary featuring an exuberant Stan Lee, well this DVD is missing even that potentially-redeeming feature.

I could say that this movie is for fans of the series, but what series? If Stan Lee keeps grabbing for straws like this he's never going to get another superhero mega-star like 'Spider-Man'. I suppose I could say if you're a fan of a nothing new, same old same old, superhero than this movie is for you. Otherwise skip this DVD.

Score: 2 out of 10


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