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  • Toy Product: Teddy Scares Series 2
  • Manufacturer: Applehead Factory

Review of Teddy Scares Series 2

Applehead’s Twisted Teddy’s second series

By Tim Janson     July 24, 2008

“Pray that Granger doesn’t get out of Prison” from Applehead Factory(2008).
© Applehead Factory
The specialty toy market has never been bigger or better. There are hundreds of small companies selling unique products geared especially to fans of Sci-Fi, fantasy, and horror. One of those small companies is Applehead Factory, makers of the warped versions of the classic teddy bear known as Teddy Scares. The line debuted in 2003 with 12” versions and 6” “morgue-minis”. The line has also spawned a comic book series courtesy of Ape Entertainment. Applehead is now releasing a 2nd series of the cuddly corpses, perfect for the horror or gothic fan. 
The premise behind the bears is that they were once “cute and cuddly” but have become warped and rotted after being abandoned by their owners and forgotten. They are now “dead and bloody”. There are five new 12” bears in the second series that come packaged in well constructed window boxes. The give bears include: Eli Wretch, Granger Evermore, Mazey Podge, Mundy Drudge, and Sheldon Grogg. Each bear comes with his or her own history and back story that provides info like their date of death, hobbies, favorite colors, and other personal info. For Mundy Drudge for example, we learn that Mundy’s body was discarded in the corner of a garage with various rusty tools and other junk forgotten about long ago. Horribly disfigured and soft no more, his face is harsh from bolts that hide away the horrors within.

These bears are not just typical teddy bears with a few drawn on accents to make them horrifying. Sheldon Grogg’s history tells us “Sheldon has spent a lifetime of trudging through the darkness in the hopes of finding something more. Restless and groggy he roams past the bedrooms of sleeping children. He searches for his special resting spot, looking to find a companion to hold him tight and tell him he is loved. Loneliness is so tiring it can drive one insane.” 


Sheldon is found in his torn pajamas, which are removable and complete with the flap in the back and a nightcap. He carries a blood-soaked coroner’s blanket that he likes to cuddle under, and a bottle of sleeping pills for those tough nights. An eye mask completes the look. From top to bottom the toy is extremely well crafted and even though its subject matter may be a bit on the bizarre side, even kids will like them because they are so different and so outside the box which is the essence of the specialty toy market.


The six-inch morgue-minis show the same level of craftsmanship, just in smaller size. The six inch Granger Evermore comic in his prison stripes uniform and he carries a sledgehammer for making small rocks out of bigger ones. The minis all come packed in a heavy vinyl zip-up bag. The 12” bears run $29.99 and the 6” Bears retail for $10.99.

The latest creation from Applehead Factory is Tofu the Vegan Zombie. Tofu is a 7 ¾” figure made out of PVC with a removable brain, five points of articulation, and a base for posing the figure. Tofu is a friendly vegan zombie until his brain is removed causing him to hunger for human flesh. The figure has a beautiful paint job and like the Teddy Scares, it is a horror toy with a huge dash of horror. Applehead Factory is doing some very interesting things and they are proving a fresh look to horror toys.


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