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  • Toy Product: Heroes Volume Two Trading Cards
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Review of Topps Heroes Volume Two Trading Cards

A look at the second Season of the hit NBC series

By Tim Janson     July 12, 2008

Topps Heroes Volume 2 is Available Now!
© Topps
After the massively successful first series of trading cards based on the hit NBC series “Heroes”, Topps is back with volume two that covers the second season. As most know, the second season of “Heroes” was cut down to only 11 of the planned 24 episode due to the months long writers strike and what will be season three, subtitled “Villains” was originally planned to take place during season two.
As usual, the set consists of 90 standard cards along with several levels of chase cards. The first 21 cards spotlight the main characters of the show including the new heroes introduced in season two such as Claire’s new friend West Rosen, Micah’s cousin Monica Dawson, and the terrifying Maya Herrera. Each card has a portrait of the character on the front, along with background information on the back.
The bulk of the remaining cards cover the season two storyline from beginning to end, picking up four months after the events in the last episode of season one. Sylar is on a quest to regain his powers, Hiro has journey back in time to meet the legendary swordsman Takezo Kensei, Peter has amnesia and wakes up in strange surroundings, and we meet Maya Herrera and see her deadly powers in action. The cards act as a perfect primer for those who may not have yet discovered this great show. You can read through these and get caught up on all the plots and sub-plots. The last three cards in the set feature two more paintings by Tim Sale and the ubiquitous checklist card. It there is one small disappointment it’s that there were not as many Tim Sale art cards as there were in the first set.
Topps has sweetened the pot with the second series chase cards. The autograph cards are back (1:72 packs) but now enhanced by dual autograph cards (1:9610). Added to the mix are sketch cards (1:72), authentic memorabilia cards (1:72), dual memorabilia (1:1880) Autograph/memorabilia combo cards (1:3760) and finally, ten different foil cards that come 1:3 packs.
My sample box came with a full 90 card set, 8 out of the 10 foil cards, and I uncovered one of the memorabilia cards, a piece of a shirt worn by Nathan Petrelli. Topps always does a great job with their collations and you never fail to get a complete set out of a box along with a fair amount of chase cards. 
The cards are think and glossy and feature brilliant photography from the show. Were still about two months away from the premiere of “Heroes: Villains” but you can whet your appetite with the latest trading card offering from Topps!


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Riddick316 7/13/2008 12:34:54 PM
This hasn't been my experience with Topps products....their collations fall short,especially if you buy a case or two then you get duds(usually between 2 and 3 boxes)everything else is fine,but to spend that much and get nothing is not good.This happened with Star Wars 30th I stay away from cases and boxes,and just buy individual cards.I'm glad you're having better luck with Topps.


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