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Reviewer fist fight: THE SPIRIT

One movie, two reviews. The critics are divided.

By Mania Staff     December 22, 2008
Source: Mania

THE SPIRIT (slideshow)
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'The Spirit' arrives in theaters December 25th.


Written and directed by Frank Miller and adapted from the comic books by Will Eisner, the movie stars Gabriel Macht as Eisner's two fisted hero, Samuel L. Jackson as the villainous Octopus and Eva Mendes as the femme fatale Sand Serif.


Reviewer Frank Hejl and comics-to-film editor Rob M. Worley both saw the movie and have been arguing ever since. Not wanting to choose sides in this debate and deprive you of either point of view we're presenting both reviews for your reading enjoyment. Is it an artistic masterpiece, or so over-the-top as to make one cringe? You decide...


Review #1 - Frank Hejl

This film is Frank Miller’s “The Spirit”. Not so much him paying homage and putting what was on paper up on the screen...but rather The Spirit through Miller’s eyes and mind. It’s not a terrible film and maybe with a few more viewings I can appreciate it more...

Read Frank's entire review...


Review #2 - Rob Worley

Miller is never overly self-conscious nor is he overly conscientious of your delicate sensibilities as a moviegoer. He's taking you to the place where he wants to take you. It's a place that's not like the real world. It's a movie that's not like the movie you saw last week. It's not even like Sin City.  It's a wild ride and, if you're willing, you can go on that ride and have a blast.

Read Rob's entire review...


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Awkwardj 12/22/2008 12:07:17 PM

I'm going with Rob.

At least until I see it. Then I may be on Franks turf, but I hope not.

Hobbs 12/22/2008 2:00:21 PM

LOL  hey, it just got a positive review and I didn't think it was going to get a single one.

I also read today a review about Cruises movie this week but after reading it I had the impression the reviewer hated Tom Cruise and not so much the movie. 

robbo 12/22/2008 2:19:08 PM

Go with what's in your heard, AwkwardJ ;)

br003 12/26/2008 6:49:41 PM

Finally saw it, not bad not what I expected. Only having seen the Sam Jones tv movie, and never having read the comic, I guess it what it's supposed to be kinda 60's Batman campy. Like when comics were called the funny books. I've seen worse. He did get a lot of babes though!



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