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ddiaz28 4/24/2013 7:26:14 AM

I'm definitely enjoying this show.  I didn't get any vibes from Miles that he might have raped Rachel and even less that he did anything personal to Kelly.  Whatever evil he did to them, I don't think it will be that vile.  Rachel and Miles obviously had and still must have some feelings for one another.  If he had raped her, there would be no way she would have left her daughter with him.  And simply founding the Monroe republic is enough for Kelly to have animosity towards him.  But she seemed perfectly fine with making him one of her generals. 

I like where this is going.  Miles and Charlie have a lot of firepower now and I look forward to seeing what they do with their own army.

One thing I wish they did better though was getting across the passage of time.  Seems like everyone is the Flash in this world seeing as how they they walk across the country from one scene to the next.  It's nit picky but I'm always thinking how they heck they go somewhere so quickly.  It was the same with 24. 

jd25u 4/28/2013 7:12:59 AM

 Rape is definitely NOT the vibe that I got either ... Or else you would think the President of the Georgia Republic would just kill him, at the least.  I get more of the broken heart, love em and leave em vibe from Miles.

I don't know what Rachel was thinking by wandering out across the post apocalyptic country, armed only with a fat man ... Unless she planned on eating him when the food supplies ran out.  By rights, they should be dead now, save a remarkably timely rescue in the middle of the woods of BFE, by Rachel's former colleague and her Death Ray.  By the way, they are headed to some Midwestern state like Utah, I believe, so should be there in about one or two episodes, if they use their hidden teleportation device that they apparently have on this show.  Otherwise, I really do kind of like this show, in a guilty pleasure sort of way.




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