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Reynolds: DEADPOOL movie won't tie-in to WOLVERINE


By Rob M. Worley     June 01, 2009

Comics2Film: Reynolds: DEADPOOL movie won't tie-in to WOLVERINE
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Ryan Reynolds says 'Deadpool' movie won't tie in to 'Wolverine' debut. Plus: 'Transformers' Fallen revealed! 'Heatcliff' is coming for you. 'Thor' writer and actor news, and More! Recorded live on tape, it's your Comics2Film 9.6.1!



HEATHCLIFF Movie In The Works

That sarcastic orange comic-strip cat (no, the other sarcastic orange comic-strip cat) is coming to the big screen.

Variety reports that Magic Lantern Entertainment and FitzRoy Media have formed a pact to develop direct-to-DVD toons and a live-action movie based on the long-running comic strip 'Heathcliff'.

The movie would be a CGI hybrid, a la 'Garfield', but don't confuse the two cats says Magic Lantern president Jeff Segal. "He's not your typical cuddly kitty cat. He's a really cynical, wisecracking character who has a contemporary perspective we could do a lot with."

First up is a probable direct-to-home entertainment animated offering, due in 2011 via Universal.



DARK KNIGHT Awards Watch

We haven't reported anything about 'The Dark Knight' winning awards in months, it seems. So...

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the film has earned 16 nominations in the magazine's 38th annual Key Art Awards, which focuses on film publicity.

That's not all.

Heath Ledger took away the popcorn trophy for "Best Villain" in last night's MTV Movie Awards.



G.I. JOE Clip Online

Speaking of the MTV Movie Awards, fans who tuned in got to see tons of cool exclusive clips, like one from 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'.




TRANSFORMERS Fallen Revealed

Speaking even further of the MTV Movie Awards, actor Shia Labeouf was on hand to hype up a little movie he participated in that you might have heard about: 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'.

Shia did his best to let us know that the new movie is bigger and better than the previous one. In the following video clip and builds up and explains exactly what "The Fallen" is and then reveals a picture of the beast.

Watch the video or click the thumbnail for a look at the new nemesis to the 'Transformers'.



WOLVERINE Still a Top 10 Film

Closing out its fifth week of release, 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' is still in the top 10, falling to #8 behind two new starts, according to the Mania box office report.

Wolverine scooped up about $3.9 million domestically this week, bringing the at-home total to almost $171 million.

Box Office Mojo points out these two milestones for the film, which have it robbing James Bond of past glories:

The movie is now the #9 film of the past 365 days, pushing 'Quantum of Solace' down a spot.

It's also the #7 Prequel of all time toppling 'Casino Royale'.



TRANSFORMERS and M&Ms team up

You like robots? You like cars? You like chocolate? You like a non-melting candy shell?

Then the M&Ms Trucking Company is for you. Autobots and little round candy dudes team up to send you on an internet scavenger hunt.


THOR's Tom Hiddleston Reveals Loki Insights

A gossip column in the UK's Daily Mail chatted briefly with actor Tom Hiddleston about his recently announced casting as Loki in 'Thor'.

"Loki's like a comic book version of Edmund in King Lear, but nastier," Hiddleston said. "Loki's skilled in black magic and sorcery. He's a shape-shifter and has all sorts of super powers from the dark arts. He can turn clouds into dragons, things like that."

Hiddleston says his marching orders from director (and frequent collaborator) Kenneth Branagh are that Loki is to look "lean and hungry".



THOR scribe Ashley Miller is a Huge Fan

"Would you like me to pull my Simonson run out of its bags and boards?"

That is screenwriter Ashley Miller's response to the question of whether or not she is a fan of 'Thor', a movie for which she is part of the scripting team (along with Mark Protosevich, who wrote the first drafts, and partner Zak Stentz). The question was posed in an extensive Q&A with the website.

"We were in the right place at the right time. Marvel needed a writer (or team, in our case) with a very particular set of skills and experience. Obviously they wanted to work with people who'd done features before, which we had," says the 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' scribe. "They were also very interested in people who know how to collaborate, and could turn drafts around efficiently, which we do. That we have a background in genre material and an interest in comic books were big plusses, I think. Owning a complete Walt Simonson run on Thor and being able to wax rhapsodic about Beta Ray Bill didn't hurt our case."

She says she and Stentz aim to bring a sense of "grit" to the thunder god movie. "Not in the sense that you'd want to see a generic 'dark' take on Thor, but in the sense that you want to feel Thor's rage when he rages. You want to see him fight like hell, and take as much he dishes out -- maybe more. You want to have a visceral reaction to the guy," Miller said.

Click through for more from this insightful interview.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


Danny McBride wants to bring DCU to HENCH movie

Last week news broke that 'Eastbound and Down' creator Danny McBride is on-board to develop and star in a feature-film version of 'Hench', based on the indie graphic novel by Adam Beechen and Mario Bello.

While doing press for 'Land of the Lost', McBride revealed to CHUD that, if he gets his way, the movie will shuffle in classic villains from the DC Comics library. The story for the film involves a down and out football player who enlists as a super villain henchman to make ends meet. The movie is set up at Warner Bros, so McBride is proposing that, rather than populate the movie with generically drawn archetypical villains, the studio actually arrange access to the DC Comics roster of villains.

That sounds super-cool, but very ambitious to us. Since Hench is an indie comic it may be hard to bring the DCU in without creating uncomfortable entanglements between DC Comics and Beechen and Bello.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Ryan Reynolds says DEADPOOL Won't Tie in to WOLVERINE

'Deadpool' fans who didn't dig the treatment of the character in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' may breath a little easier when they hear what actor Ryan Reynolds has to say about the spin-off movie that he's set to star in.

"Without saying too much, I can't imagine that there's gonna be any tie-in to the Wolverine movie at all," Reynolds told IGN at a recent press junket for 'The Proposal'.

While the project searches for a director, Reynolds says he's committed to at least two other films before he can work on the merc-with-a-mouth movie, but when he does the movie, he aims to do right by the fans.

"There's so many variables to play. It's tough because when you have a character like Deadpool, to the greatest extent of your power, you want to bring as much authenticity to that character as possible. And by 'authenticity,' I don't mean that you'd want to make him somebody that you'd have a Starbucks coffee with, I mean that you want to make him as close to the comics as possible," Reynolds said. "And there's nothing that I wouldn't do to make sure that ends up on film, but sometimes things are out of your control, things that you can't change. But I'm really happy, in these early talks, that the studio is as obsessed with making it as close to the comic book source material as possible. And that's all I really needed to hear. Cuz I will husk-f*@k a herd of cattle to bring Wade Wilson to life as the real deal."

If the actor has his way, Deadpool will even be breaking the fourth wall as he does in the comics.

"There's nothing else like that in movies, or comic books, for that matter. I would like to make him self-aware; I'd like to have a bit of a pop-culture air going on throughout the film," Reynolds said. "I mean, the greatest villain in a Deadpool comic is Deadpool."

But will the pretty-boy actor do a movie in which he's alternately wearing scar makeup or a mask?

"There's no way to do this without having the scarring, having the mask, having it all. And it can be done. It's a no-brainer in that sense. You gotta have the character of Deadpool. You don't want to just invent something new and call it Deadpool."

So, there you go, Deadpool fans. Ryan Reynolds has your back. Post your comments below.



Rich Johnston's New Blog

Rich Johnston has launched his new blog today: Bleeding Cool. Consider yourself on notice, comics industry.



And now a very special, morale-bolstering installment of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

From the Favreau Twitter feed, a smattering of tidbits from the weekend filming:

# Scarlett kicked ass yesterday. All of her preparation has really paid off. She has a great work ethic. A real pro. 10:48 AM May 29th

# Sam Rockwell had a great day today. 4:01 AM May 30th

# No sleep last night. I was wound up from an intense week. Now I'm at work again to prepare for upcoming work. Mild delirium setting in. 12:28 PM May 30th


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hanso 6/1/2009 8:02:36 AM

Remember Hugh Jackman & Wolverine?  He said all the right things too about X-Men Origins.  Then the fact that it was a Fox movie set in and no amount of sweet talk could change what was coming.

Ryan Reynolds & Deadpool are kinda like that, only it's gonna be worse.  Much worse.

xenomorph 6/1/2009 8:27:34 AM

I like Ryan Reynolds. I like DeadPool. I want to see a DeadPool movie. That's my story and Im sticking to it.

lancedenier 6/1/2009 9:29:02 AM

Deadpool is fucking lame.  I liked him better when he was called Deathstroke the Terminator.

Wiseguy 6/1/2009 9:32:53 AM

ok, so I don't get any love even though I e-mailed the links to both Thor stories sat. afternoon. That's cool. I won't waste the stamp next time.

Deadpool will be an awesome film, Fox or not.

Wolverine still raking it in, how you like me now? I don't mean me, you know what I mean, HANSO :)

Transformers and MM? How about Bruno and Eminem? Definitely staged but still funny.

Whiskeymovie 6/1/2009 9:39:36 AM

I just like Ryan Reynolds,,,he is one fucking funny dude. I agree that Wolverine sucked, but I am willing to believe Ryan Reynolds.....we have to believe.

SgtTechCom 6/1/2009 9:55:10 AM

Reynolds is going to be killer in the role. Thank God it's not going to be apart of the Wolverine story.

Im confident we'll see Deadpool in his signature outfit , guns blazing and swords a swinging.

Im not going to be negative like some people , can't wait till it gets rollin.

violator14 6/1/2009 10:25:34 AM

Wow, Ryan Reynolds is the man! He's really gonna bring Deadpool to life! I love how they insist on keeping the mask and everything.

However as interesting and funny  it would be for Deadpool to "break the 4th wall" and make him self aware that he is in a comic-book movie, I'm not too sure thats the greatest idea. For some reason i think it would kinda take away from the action/ realism for me. But then again, it could be brilliantly done and be cool as hell. I wonder......

gauleyboy420 6/1/2009 10:28:16 AM

I liked Wolverine, but hell I liked X-1 and X-2 and FF1&2, andd Ghostrider, and Daredevil, so who am I to judge ? Just a comic book geek, that doesn't have unrealistic expectations of my comic movies.


Ryan Reynolds is awesome, and I'd love to see him as Deadpool, even though I know next to nothing of Deadpool. The mere fact that Liefeld created him was always a turnoff

Hobbs 6/1/2009 10:29:24 AM

A Deadpool movie will make about 30 mil if its lucky.  Nobody outside of us comic geeks knows who the F'ing character is and I'm sorry but 10 mins of screen time in a Wolverine movie isn't going to make him mainstream. 

I'm not saying don't make it but we have to realistic about what we are going to get the kind of budget they'll have to work with.  Plus as hanso points is Fox.

hanso 6/1/2009 10:34:02 AM

Deadpool movie = Elektra movie.  Think about it.  This is true.

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