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Reynolds Unsure of DEADPOOL Future


By Rob M. Worley     September 22, 2010
Source: Mania

Comics2Film: Ryan Reynolds as DEADPOOL from X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE
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Reynolds unsure it it's Deadpool or R.I.P.D. Plus: McAvoy talks X-Men: First Class. Hamm reacts to Superman rumor. New Walking Dead poster and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.9.22!




Nelson Says Don't Expect DCU Crossover Movie

Major reorganization is underway at the newly-minted DC Entertainment. The comics and multimedia sub-division of Warner Bros was established last year to help better leverage DC Comics characters into film and other ventures. Diane Nelson is the President of the division.

Yesterday DCE announced that they were reorganizing the company, moving the DC Comics offices from New York City to Burbank California and shuttering the long-suffering Wildstorm imprint.

Nelson has been out on press tour controlling the news spin on the story and chatted with IGN about plans for superhero movies. The the mixed-studio Marvel movies, the DC movies have been free-standing affairs with no linkage. Recent rumors have indicated that we'll soon be seeing cross-over between the movies (as we are with Marvel) and it may all be a possible build-up to a Justice League of America cross-over.

Nelson, however, tells IGN that that that's not necessarily the case.

"People make an assumption that we're going to mirror Marvel's strategy, for example with Avengers," Nelson told us. "We do have a very different attitude about how you build a content slate. And it isn't necessarily about connecting those properties together to build into a single thing. We think we've got great stories and characters that will lend themselves to great standalone experiences, and that's the way we're focusing on it."

So while a Justice League movie could be in the works, it sounds like it likely wouldn't feature Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds.



James McAvoy on becoming Xavier for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Actor James McAvoy is presently immersed in the daunting task of portraying a comics character that has already enjoyed a spot on translation to film as he takes on the role of Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class.

At the recent Toronto International Film Festival he told MTV News that he's trying not to worry about comparisons to Patrick Stewart, who played the character as a lead in three X-Men films and as a brief cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

"I'm basically going to try and bury Patrick's performance," McAvoy joked, adding that there are at least two things he won't have in common with Stewart. "They didn't want me to go bald and I walk as well."

However, he said there is a drive toward consistency of character and that the  First Class prequel will play into the original movies.

"I think the fun about these films, when you go back and you either reboot or do a prequel, is you get to see how people became who they are," he said. "That means that you have to do them differently and by the end of the movie you have to do them the same way. The interesting journey is what happens to them, what changes them, what makes them evolve — not just mutate, but emotionally and psychologically evolve."

And by the end of the movie we will likely know why Stewart's Professor X is bald and wheel-chair bound.



C2F Quick Hits

  • AMC TV have released a new one-sheet poster promoting the October 31 of The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont's TV series based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore.
  • Superhero Hype has a new set of photos from the Dale Street makeover of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER in Manchester, UK.
  • Fan dreamcasting has had Nathan Fillion attached to the role of Ant Man in Marvel's Avengers movie for some time now. However, C2F has never found any substance to the rumor whatsoever. Now asked the actor about the buzz. He called the prospect "be a lovely fantasy," and said he would love to work with his Firefly and Dr. Horrible collaborator Joss Whedon again, but an Avengers role is unlikely due to his commitment to the TV series Castle
  • Actor Jon Hamm continues to assert that he's not in the Superman movie. In a quote published on Hamm said, "I certainly haven't been informed of [being on Warner Bros wish list]. They might want to run that by me. I don't know, I think unless Superman's power was the power of being really old... I maybe aged out of that competition."
  • Keanu Reeves was once attached to appear in the Cowboy Bebop live-action movie, as well as produce it. Now he tells MTV Splash Page that there's not much happening with the project. "Every time [the script] comes back, it's still a gazillion dollars. Every time they try to pare it down, it's like, 'Well, that's not the film, what about the other kajillion?'" He also added that, at 46, he's too old to play bounty hunter Spike Spiegel.




Reynolds Can't Do Both DEADPOOL and R.I.P.D.

There's been plenty of speculation about which comic-based movies, if any, actor Ryan Reynolds can actually take on in 2011. He's presently out promoting his closed space thriller Buried and is slated to film two more movies shortly. Beyond that he's been attached to Deadpool, R.I.P.D. and Green Lantern 2.

In a conversation with, the actor suggested that Green Lantern sequel talk may be premature at this point.

"I shoot a movie called The Change-Up next. It's kind of like an R-rated comedy, and right after that I start on a thriller called Safe House with Denzel Washington. And then, after that is where one of those two movies will hopefully fall," he said of Deadpool and R.I.P.D.

Reynolds also said that the question of which of the two is largely out of his hands.

"People sort of ask this question, like I have any say in the matter. They're both movies I'm interested in, they're both movies that are in fast-track development. But I never say I'm doing a movie until I break for lunch the first day," the actor said, continuing, "because it's such a crapshoot, this industry. Everything's so fickle and so contingent on so many factors, aside from just an actor. And because it has an actor, and because these films have interested directors, it's obviously likely that they'll both get made. But I think it would be more likely that only one of them gets made with me."

So if both movies claim Reynolds as his leading man and go into production early next year (as has been speculated) only one of them will actually feature the actor. From our perspective, it would be disappointing if he didn't do the Deadpool movie, as he's reportedly been very involved in the development of that one since it was announced.

What do you think, Maniacs? Which movie would you want Reynolds to do? Post your comments below...



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9 which arrived in comic shops on September 9th! Come see Rob at the New York Comic Con on October 8th-10th!


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Wiseguy 9/22/2010 7:40:12 AM

Nelson sounds a bit defensive about the Marvel comparison. Who cares if they're copying Marvel or not just make awesome movies. Plus DC now has the benefit of seeing how this Marvel Avengers build up experiment works and either emulate if it succeeds or take a different approach if it fails

Yeah more than a few of us have been thinking that Deadpool was headed for development hell and this only helps cement that line of thinking. RIPD already has a director attached so they're further along than Deadpool already

Looking forward to Walking Dead, never read the comics but if all this fan hype is warranted then I expect an awesome series

Keanu Reeves is 46? He still looks much younger I don't know why he's limiting himself

I could see Fillion as AntMan, not that he's my top choice but why not. Tha Hamm Superman stuff we just knew was only a rumor, maybe if they ever tried to do Kingdom Come but that would be a cartoon anyway.

jfdavis 9/22/2010 7:42:56 AM

Is Nelson implying they aren't doing a Justice League connecting film simply because they don't want to copy Marvel? Lame excuse.  I do not think fans would care it's a copy.  I'd be surprised if Bale would do it anyway but Reynolds would...

Speaking of Reynolds, is he saying the choice is out of his hands because of the team of lawyers that'll come after him if he bolts from one of them? I think he himself would prefer to do Deadpool but he's smart enough to not bad mouth the other production. 

WeaponXXX 9/22/2010 7:55:29 AM

Rob, I thought  DC "Comics" Offices weren't moving? I thought the press release was clear that the DC Publishing (comics) offices were staying in Manhattan.  On the other divisions of DC Entertainment. 

WeaponXXX 9/22/2010 7:57:43 AM

Rob, I thought  DC "Comics" Offices weren't moving? I thought the press release was clear that the DC Publishing (comics) offices were staying in Manhattan.  On the other divisions of DC Entertainment. 

ZurEnArrh 9/22/2010 8:22:57 AM

Wiseguy: your analysis of the DC / Marvel situation is sublime. Plus, they both kind of copy each other all the time, so why deny it when it comes to making films? I don't know... DC seems intent on making all of their properties into Serious Films whilst Marvel seems to be having a shit-ton of fun with it. I am DC guy when it comes to the comics but Marvel is burying them filmwise in the enjoyment department (for me).

Tevii 9/22/2010 8:27:28 AM

Great! Nelson is another suit that doesnt  understand anything. Why do suits never trust the art form or the artists vision? Each time they finally do, it has paid off.

Yes they can be great stand alone movies. And yes Green Lantern will most likely be a success (and I hope so since hes my favorite super hero). But why limit yourself? Its not copying marvels strategy. Its FINALLY treating the properties correctly. They co-exist in the comics, so they SHOULD co-exist in the movies.

Because of Dark Knight, they believe they have this formula. It was a good movie, but it was not great. The last 20 minutes were pointless. Two-face should not have even appeared in the movie. (and I have no doubt it was a suits call to add more characters that werent needed, just like Spiderman 3 or the Batman movies prior to Nolans. Sequels dont need to be bigger, they just need good stories.) But because Heath Ledger died, it fueled extra interest in the movie and was a MONSTER HIT, not because they had a formula.

Fillion would make a perfect superhero but he should hold out for a better Superhero then Ant-Man.

I think Keanu would still be great as Spike


Rockhead 9/22/2010 8:39:00 AM

I'm with "ZurEnArrh"

I love what the Marvel movie studios are doing with their characters. (not so much, when it comes to FOX, Sony, etc on the licensed Marvel Characters). I love the continuity/connectivity between characters. It's what Made marvel rise from a tiny little competitor in the Superhero Market of the 60's to the top publisher of Superherocomics in the 80's. That interwoven continuity/shared universe. It's fascinating.

One of these days I would love to see the Hulk take on the Thing, or the Avengers take on the X-men, or have Reed Richards come in to save the Avengers bacon like he always used to do when they had a problem to complex for them to handle. Well maybe not stand there and fight but wouldn't it be cool to see Stark and Pym talking to Richards via 'video-conference" as they try to solve the problem of some impending world calamity? 

Anyway... It would be great if DC could do that too!

check out this facebook page!!/pages/Help-Marvel-Regain-their-movie-rights-boycott-their-movies/152016668158574?ref=ts

lancedenier 9/22/2010 8:45:02 AM

OMG, DC is going to really screw this up, I can just see it. 

8man 9/22/2010 8:49:11 AM

Let me translate for Nelson.  "For the longest time we had the upper hand on Marvel when it came to making movies about our properties.  Well unfortunately, we can't seem to make a good one about our major property, Superman.  We completely blew it with Jonah Hex.  And we can't seem to get several other ones off of the ground, Shazam, Wonder Woman, the Flash.  And Marvel has done a great job with Iron Man and Spider-Man and are apparently about to royally kick our asses with Thor, Captain America and the Avengers.  So rather than compete and tie it all together, we are going to beg the parties involved in the Dark Knight to do another film, hope Green Lantern doesn't suck and just going to keep making animated films."

The only way Reynolds is Deadpool is if he really, really wants to be Deadpool.  Because he's going to need to have the courage to say "NO" to films like The Change Up.  Who cares?  I'm sure it's a payday, but also a waste of time.

violator14 9/22/2010 8:55:52 AM


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