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Richard Hatch Talks GALACTICA

Actor gives his take on making the series revival fly.

By Frank Kurtz     July 25, 2001

Shu-Shann Productions' 1998 revival trailer BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE SECOND COMING
© 1998 Su-Shann Productions

It probably won't surprise you to hear that actor Richard Hatch has some strong opinions on what it will take for Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA revival to fly straight and strong.

While talking to SCIFI.COM, Hatch was asked about if, as far as he knew, any of the original cast had been approached about the coming new series. Hatch said, "They've had contact directly and indirect contact with several of the original characters, but there's been no real sit-down meetings. There's no discussions yet. There's only been some very vague discussions about the possibility of using some of the original characters, but we don't know how much, how little, whether it's a token way or a substantial way."

Hatch feels that the success of the new series is hinged, in part, on using the older actors. He explains, saying, "I believe if they do a spinoff with a new cast, they are running a major risk of losing the audience that's going to make that show a success. It is not the new audience that's going to make it successful. It is the existing audience right now that is multigenerational, from teens up to the 40s, 50s and 60s, who have been supporting this show for 20 years, who are going to support the new show. It's not going to be the few new fans that may come in that are going to make the difference. So if they try to satisfy only new people to do a new show and lose the rest of them, then they're going to lose every opportunity they have of staying on the air long enough to bond the fans to a new group of characters. Why do that when you can build that bridge using the existing characters?"


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