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Riding the WILD DIVINE - Part One

THE JOURNEY TO THE WILD DIVINE promises to be a unique gaming experience

By Troy Roberts     December 03, 2003

When we first heard of the THE JOURNEY TO THE WILD DIVINE a few months ago, the project sounded like something we wanted to cover. While it is questionable whether the WILD DIVINE can actually be called a game, one thing that is for sure is that this is something the entertainment industry has never before seen.

THE JOURNEY TO THE WILD DIVINE, for a little background information, is a game played using a biofeedback system. In other words, you're hooked up to the game via a USB port that monitors your heart-rate, breathing rate, etc. During the game, you'll be asked to accomplish numerous tasks by altering your current state according to the task at hand. But there is also more to the game than meets the eye. We had a chance to speak with Corwin Bell, Creator and Chief Design Director of THE JOURNEY TO THE WILD DIVINE and Kurt Smith, Founder of The Wild Divine Project.

Q: Why was a title like the WILD DIVINE developed?

Kurt Smith: I was working on a study that led to the exploration of alternative, integrative and complementary medical care, near the end of my tenure with Medtronic. Many of these centers were popping up in the U.S., and I became friends with many of the people running them.  I noticed they were struggling because it was very difficult for them to evolve financially within the medical system and decided to do another start up, The Wild Divine Project, my sixth company. The Wild Divine Project is the company that I had been amassing the experience and resources for and gearing towards all my life.  My goal is to provide integrative healing tools and services to people in an effective way not currently found in the medical industry.

I believe that we each have a certain amount of divinity in us and a certain amount of wildness, and, in our lives, we fluctuate back and forth, pushed and pulled between the two. At those times when the divine meets the wild in balance, then we find the greatest realization of divinity and man we find the Wild Divine.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the Wild Divine?

Kurt Smith: I began looking at various entertainment-based channels to make integrative healing tools and services available to people. Coincidentally, at the same time, I started rock climbing with my neighbor, Corwin Bell. Corwin told me about an idea he'd always had to combine a computer game with biofeedback in order to help people get in tune with themselves and transform their lives.

Corwin Bell: I envisioned combining a computer game with biofeedback, so that players could not only see how their thoughts and emotions impact their ability to play the game, but hopefully access their innate power of visualization.

Q. What is the basic storyline behind the Wild Divine?

Corwin Bell: You begin your journey at the Sun Palace Gate. There you'll meet Sophia who will guide you along the way as you begin to explore the realm and your mind-body connection through the "magic rings" (biofeedback sensors). Carefully you make your way to the Temple of Awareness where you'll meet your mentor, Mila-Rugom and begin your apprenticeship. Your first challenge is to learn how to regulate your body's physiology using the meditative mind. As you get close and closer to meeting the mind-body challenges that are presented to you a skill that improves with practice you will solve the riddle of Rainbow Rocks and learn the secret of the "Heart Breath".

Your experience will deepen as each lesson unfolds, bringing you close and closer to the end of your journey. Each Journey is as unique as the person who is playing it. Where you go in the game and afterward, is largely determined by you.

Q. What kind of Realm is the Wild Divine based in?

Corwin Bell: The Journey is a fun and interactive adventure into a beautiful and mystical place called the Sun Realm. It's a sacred space full of imagery, symbols and archetypes that open and create a sense of a refuge for the player. THE JOURNEY TO THE WILD DIVINE creates an illusion that replicates the nature of a true human being's potential. This illusion stimulates the imagination and encourages the individual to explore the mysteries within their own life journey.

For more on THE JOURNEY TO THE WILD DIVINE and the biofeedback system, check back here tomorrow for the second part of our profile.

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