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"Riley Jensen Guardian Series" Contest

By Karl Schneider     April 08, 2007

Keri Arthur
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Mania is happy to announce our latest contest, a giveaway of a set containing all 4 Keri Arthur novels in the Jensen Guardian Series.

Author of Circle of Desire (2003) and Beneath A Darkening Moon (2004), Aussie romance novelist Keri Arthur kicked off her new Riley Jensen Guardian series with Full Moon Rising. She has since released the next three installments: Kissing Sin, Tempting Evil and Dangerous Games.

Full Moon Rising:

Full Moon Rising introduces us to female heroine Riley Jensen and a near-future world set in Melbourne Australia. A secretary at Melbourne’s Directorate of Other Races, Riley Jensen is a smart, sexy dhampire living in a world where humans coexist with werewolves, vampires, and more. A very rare breed of both werewolf and vampire, Riley and her twin brother Rhoan are outcasts due to their mixed heritage (most hybrids don’t survive but Riley and Rhoan’s mother had dirty werewolf sex with a newly-risen vampire hours after he was bitten and this translates to twins with the abilities of both races).

Kissing Sin:

From Melbourne’s gleaming skyscrapers to its throbbing nightclubs, Riley Jenson’s world is raging with danger and desire. A drop-dead-gorgeous werewolf–with a touch of vamp coursing in her blood–Riley works for an organization created to police the supernatural races. But when she wakes up naked and bruised in a barren alley, she knows only that she must run for her life.

Within moments Riley collides with the sexiest man she’s ever seen: steely, seductive Kade, who is fighting a life-and-death battle of his own. With old lovers and enemies gathering around her, Riley knows she is being pursued by a new kind of criminal. Because in Riley’s blood is a secret that could create the ultimate warrior–if only she can survive her own dangerous desires…

Tempting Evil:

The book is set in a world of sorcery and seduction, the nights bring out the beautiful, the damned, and the desired. Here, Riley Jenson is on her own–half werewolf, half vampire, working for an organization created to police the supernatural races. Trusting her superiors and lovers barely more than she trusts her worst enemies...

Dangerous Games:

In Melbourne’s urban underworld, there’s a nightclub for every fantasy and desire. But for Riley Jenson, one such club has become an obsession. Riley, a rare hybrid of vampire and werewolf, hasn’t come in pursuit of pleasure but of an unknown killer who’s been using the steamy nightspot as his hunting grounds.

Leave it to Riley to find the only ticket into the heavily guarded club: Jin, a deliciously hot-bodied bartender who might just provide the key to unmasking a killer unlike any other in the Directorate’s experience. Taunted by a former colleague turned rogue, distracted by an ex-lover’s attentions, Riley follows Jin into a realm of pleasure she could never have imagined. And as danger and passion ignite, a shocking mystery begins to unravel—one where Riley herself becomes the ultimate object of desire....

If you are interested in winning, drop me a line at maniaent@gmail.com with Keri Arthur in the subject/body of the email.

Good luck!


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MUSHU 3/8/2010 1:37:34 PM

this story looks cool but looks like it has way too much errrm.......romance in it. i'll give it a pass.



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