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Riley Not Returning to BUFFY, Yet

Marc Blucas talks about Riley's return, or not, to BUFFY

By Frank Kurtz     August 16, 2001

Marc Blucas as Riley on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER
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Marc Blucas, who played Riley on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, has been talking about the possibility of returning to the series.

While promoting his work in the coming SUMMER CATCH, Blucas revealed that he and Joss Whedon had been talking about that return, though his schedule has prevented it from happening as yet. Blucas explains, saying, "I just haven't been around to be able to do it. After the first season, when Joss and I had a talk, and I said, 'Hey, this is what I'd really like,' and he said, 'Hey, that really works to do another half season. It's what I have in mind. It's what I want to do. It's right on the money, and then, pending your availability, we'll bring you back and do these things.' And that just hasn't been an option lately, so this next season, as much as I want to say I want to continue to work nonstop, hopefully there's a moment or two in there that it works in their schedule, and they want to have me back, because I'd love to go back and do an episode or two, because it's just a great group of people."

Blucas also gave his take on what may have happened to his character after he departed from BUFFY, saying, "I think in Joss' mind, Riley is off in the jungle being Col. Kurtz right now [of APOCALYPSE NOW]. I think he's pretty much off his rocker doing some jungle mission in South America. I think that while he tried to keep up for a little while, separation oftentimes is best. It was just such a well-written relationship. The show's set against a make-believe world, but it just deals with such real issues. Specifically, speaking in a relationship like that, I liked her more than she liked me, and we've all been in that situation. It was a very rich thing to play, and it was a fun experience for me all around."


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