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Suggestions that there might be two Higgs, a particle that permitted the formation of the universe as soon as the Big Bang, 13,700 million years ago, came after having a report on the progress in the CERN scientists yesterday. Almost certainly his final discovery will win a Nobel Prize.

CERN researchers announced last July that they had found what seemed to be the particle that provides mass to matter, as imagined half a century theoretical physicist Peter Higgs. But they failed to say definitely that it was the Higgs boson, pending further investigations.
Scientists with the European physics research center CERN confident they'll definitely announce they have discovered the elusive Higgs boson at a conference scheduled for March.

At the same time, have denied the notion that circulates widely in blogs and even in some scientific journals that instead of finding an elementary particle it might be more of somebody.
"The way things are going in the Moriond meeting could possibly stop saying that resembles Higgs and Higgs boson finally call," he told Reuters, speaking about the annual meeting to become held in the location Italian Alps. cern


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