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RITE Exorcizes Victory

Hopkin's The Rite Wins Premiere Weekend.

By Jarrod Sarafin     January 30, 2011

Anthony Hopkins' exorcism tale The Rite wins first box office race.
© New Line/Bob Trate


In this weekend between the end of the playoff race and next weekend’s Super Bowl (Packers and Steelers, movie goers flipped the horror switch by choosing Warner Bros. Pictures’ exorcism tale The Rite as the winner. In another report where overall revenue was down across the board---15% from the same frame last year---the Anthony Hopkins-led release scared up $15 million on 2,985 venues across the nation. It’s a decent opening for New Line and Warner Bros., with director Mikael Hafstron (1408) managing to keep its budget down to only $37 million.
Following in 2nd place is Paramount’s romantic buddy comedy No Strings Attached, which dropped a place by taking in another $13.7 million in estimated receipts. The release’s second frame numbers increased its domestic cume to $39.7 million, translating to profitable numbers for the studio which kept the budget down to $25 million. It’s been a good month for Natalie Portman who now has two profitable releases with the comedy and Black Swan, the latter of which has earned her an Oscar nomination.
The race between 3rd and 4th is too close to call as of this writing, with CBS’ The Mechanic and Sony’s The Green Hornet both finishing the weekend with $11.5 million in coin. If we go by theater counts for each release, we’ll place the Statham vehicle above Seth Rogen’s comic tale.
The CBS’ action release The Mechanic shot up $11.5 million in its premiere on 2,703 theaters, coming in with an average of $4,255 per showing. . No budget has been revealed for the remake of Charles Bronson’s 1972 effort but the trades report the performance comes in above expectations for producers Millennium/Nu Image and CBS Films.  
Sony is still showing off Rogen’s The Green Hornet on 3,524 theaters so it has the 4th place spot by rolling up another $11.5 million in ticket sales. The film’s third weekend performance has it dropping just 34% from its previous effort and increases its domestic gross to $78.8 million. With the comic film hauling up another $37.5 million from early foreign showings, the studio is nearing their $120 million budget with a globe cume of $116.3 million.
And taking down the 5th place spot for the weekend is the Weinstein Company’s Oscar-nominated pic The King’s Speech. The film which scored 12 Academy Award nominations earlier this week found another $11.1 million after being expended into 2,553 theaters. Unlike most Oscar nominations, the release seems to be scoring well across the board in demographics. The appeal seems to be translating to a very profitable release for the distributor with its budget of $15 million well below its current domestic tally of $72.2 million.
Check out the rest of the top 10 below and sound off with your thoughts.

The Rite
$15.0 mil
$15.0 mil
No Strings Attached
$13.6 mil
$39.7 mil
The Mechanic
$11.5 mil
$11.5 mil
The Green Hornet
$11.5 mil
$78.8 mil
The King’s Speech
$11.1 mil
$72.2 mil
True Grit
$7.6 mil
$148.3 mil
The Dilemma
$5.4 mil
$40.6 mil
Black Swan
$5.1 mil
$90.7 mil
The Fighter
$4.0 mil
$78.3 mil
Yogi Bear
$3.1 mil
$92.5 mil

Friday, February 4, 2011 Releases:
Sanctum (2,700+)
The Roommate (2,400+)
What Women Want
Waiting for Forever
The Other Woman
Cold Weather


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themovielord 1/30/2011 4:33:42 PM

 Yogi Bear still made 3.1 million? Come on people!

Wiseguy 1/30/2011 4:47:11 PM

The Mechanic is my favorite Statham movie yet, well after Snatch that is but that's more of an ensemble piece IMO.

Top 17 films made over 1mil, that's spreading the wealth.

And who the hell is this Henry Cavill to don Superman's cape? Another Brit shouldn't surprise me with Nolan's involvement.   Brandon Routh what could have been, too bad

wessmith1966 1/30/2011 5:13:14 PM

The Rite and The Mechanic weren't bad; nothing special but enjoyable enough. I always enjoy Statham's movies. I finally got to see The King's Speech. It's not exactly genre fare, but it was a fantastic movie. True Grit was the best movie I saw this year and this would have to be #2 for me.

I'm glad Routh won't be donning the tights again. I never watch The Tudors, so I don't know anything about Cavill, but I think by casting someone who isn't a Reeve look-a-like the franchise can move past the past. I despised Superman Returns and one reason was Singer trying to make the movie an homage to the original. Reeve will ALWAYS be Superman/Clark Kent to me because I was a kid when I saw Superman on the big screen, but I'm ready for a new version just like I was ready for a new take on Batman when Nolan took over that franchise. I do hope that they get rid of the speedo trunks and small chest shield.

I saw the trailer for Sucker Punch and that looks like one helluva fun movie. Action, effects and hot chicks! Sounds like a guys night out movie.

karas1 1/30/2011 5:58:52 PM

I saw Little Fockers today.  I wasn't expecting much due to it had miserable reviews.  But I rather enjoyed it, it was funnier than I expected.

JarrodSarafin 1/30/2011 6:21:03 PM

Don't remind me, Wise...Brandon Routh should be Superman again. I liked Henry Cavill as Charles in The Tudors but Routh did nothing wrong in SR and deserved to keep the part, IMO. It is funny that British actors are playing Batman, Superman and Spider-Man though...(And yes, I know Garfield was born here...he was raised there).

monkeyfoot 1/30/2011 6:45:17 PM

Didn't see anything this weekend but I've been away from the internets so the Henry Cavill news is new to me. I also know nothing about him but he looks the part and from his credits he can act. I have no problem with him.

I also have no problem with Routh but I was pretty sure he and Tom Welling weren't going to get the big S this time. Why? Because they already have an association with the role. If the new movie is supposed to be a re-boot you wouldn't use former Superman actors. They carry the extra baggage of  the plotlines from the other versions. Audiences will wonder where the super son has gone to for Routh and they'd wonder why ths origin is completely different from the one they've seen for 8 years with Welling.

goirish83 1/30/2011 8:38:42 PM

The Mechanic was a really good movie, so yet again Rob wasoff the mark with his review.

redhairs99 1/30/2011 10:22:40 PM

But heaven forbid if they cast an American actor as James Bond, right, Jarrod?  Ha!

Never really watched The Tudors but I have seen this guy in the commercials for the show.  Not sure yet how I feel about him as Supes yet.  I still would have preferred to see Joe Mantegila (or however you spell his name) from True Blood as the Big Blue Boyscout.

Dazzler 1/31/2011 4:30:49 AM

I liked Mechanic also.  Solid movie with good story, I guess I was rooting for hollywood ending where they both get along at the end however for sequels.  

I got around to Social network at the cheap theater finally, for those kind of non actiony movies I hope it does get Oscars.  I got inspired after watching SNL which was solid also for them and their high brow humor.  Creepy digial short was the highlight as usual.  Reminds me to find that mp3 for Doogie houser theme they updated that was cool a year ago or whenever. 

samurai1138 1/31/2011 4:51:49 AM

I dont know if anything out there is any good. I just keep watching Tron in Imax 3D. Seriously, until it leaves the theater why would I watch anything else? I can watch all the current 2D dramas at home in a couple months. 3D Imax Tron wont be around for much longer, and will probably never be back again, emjoy it while you got it people.

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