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Rob Hoegee goes back to the future with "Legion of Superheros"

    October 14, 2006

If you're a comic book reader, you've heard of DC Comics' Legion of Superheroes, whether it be because of the rabid fanbase, the complex history, or the enduring popularity of the team. With their recent debut in the Kids WB animation block, Saturday mornings on the new CW network, everyone's hearing about the Legion for a different reason: they're media darlings. CBR News recently spoke with the show's Producer James Tucker, providing a bit of history for those unfamiliar with the Legion. Now it's Rob Hoegee's turn, who serves as Series Story Editor/Head Writer for the show. "What's great about this show is we're getting to explore a period of his life [Superman's] that's seldom been depicted. I don't think we're going to do anything 'different' in terms of continuity or character, but we're getting a chance to dig a little deeper, and hopefully add something interesting to his character and legacy." said Hoegee.


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