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For sale cheap: Your total NIGHTMARE

1/26/2009 12:45:25 PM permalink

Amazon has a great deal on the Nightmare on Elm Street DVD boxed set.

You get the first seven movies:

  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet
  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet 2:Freddy's Revenge
  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet 3: The Dream Warriror
  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet 4: The Dream Master
  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet 5: The Dream Child
  • Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
  • Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

You also get the Nightmare Series Encyclopedia and a set of blue/red glasses for watching the 3D sequences of the Final Nightmare.

All this for just $22.99!

Admittedly, I don't really care for parts 2, 4, 5 and 6 but for $23 bucks you can't go wrong. Throw in a copy of Freddy Vs. Jason for $9.99 and you'll complete your collection and avoid shipping charges at the same time!

That's all the Freddy films for $32.98!


Tags: Fredd Kruger, Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven, Deal

Where is David Lee Roth?

1/23/2009 12:50:44 PM permalink

There's not really a lot to say about today's Video Game Pick except...

Van F***ing Halen


Speaking of Van Halen, did you know that FIREBREATHER artist, comics GREAT and sexy bastard Andy Kuhn is also a rock star?

Check out this YouTube clip of his band THE FUGLEES performing their hit song "Where is David Lee Roth?" That's him singing lead.


I guess the song is a little dated. David Lee Roth was seen last summer in exactly the place he should be: touring with Van Halen.

Tags: David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Andy Kuhn, Firebreather, Fuglees

Deal of the day - Dark Side of the Moon for $5

1/15/2009 8:56:43 PM permalink

You can download Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon for $5 on Amazon.

You probably already own it though.

Wikipedia says the album was on Billboard's top 100 sellers for over 17 years. It's the third best-selling album of all time in the world. 20th best-selling in the U.S.

Fun Fact: Members of Pink Floyd actually used profits from the album to fund the production of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. See? It's not all despair after all

Then there's the whole goofy-ass "Dark SIde of the Rainbow" cult. Apparently if you watch "The Wizard of Oz" and cue up the LP at precisely the right moment during opening credit (and add some enhancements from the medicine cabinet) the words on the album sync up with the action on the screen. Some folks insist it must have been intentional, but everyone involved in the album denies it.

Watch for yourself...

I'm actually surprised to realize I've never owned a copy before today. I guess I just listened to my brother's copy when I was a sulky teenager.

At any rate, Amazon's got the deal of the day!

Tags: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, Monty Python, Wizard of Oz

Shameless Hype! Publisher's Weekly previews THE REVENANT

10/14/2008 2:46:55 PM permalink


My new book, The Revenant is previewed on the prestigious Publisher's Weekly site today.

Check out six pages that you haven't seen before.

These pages follow the fifteen that MySpace posted last month.

The Revenant arrives in comic shops next Wednesday. Ask your local retailer!

ISBN-10: 1935002112
ISBN-13: 978-1935002116

Tags: comic, revenant, robbo hype

Shameless Hype! SCOOP says you'll want to check out THE REVENANT

10/13/2008 11:42:45 AM permalink


Just got emailed this link about my new graphic novel THE REVENANT which gets a nice recommendation from the Scoop website:

"It's not intended for children (language and violence), but it's a very interesting modern run at the world of pulp adventures and the old tale of criminals who sell out their own. If that's your cup of tea, you'll definitely want to check this one out."

The Revenant arrives in comic shops October 22nd. Rob "One Man Mob" Worley wrote it from a story and concept by "Killer" Keith Giffen and Shannon "The Shiv" Denton. Mat "Saint Loco" Santolouco illustrates!

Demand THE REVENANT from your local comics retailer today!

JUL08 3913
ISBN-10: 1935002112
ISBN-13: 978-1935002116






Tags: comics

Shameless Hype: RUE MORGUE digs THE REVENANT

9/6/2008 5:37:12 PM permalink

Nice to see my new book THE REVENANT getting some press at Rue Morgue magazine this month! The "Quick Cut featured in their Blood in Four Colours column isn't online so I'm presenting it here:

"Mexico's Dia de los Muertos is fertile ground for horror. The Revenant milks the holiday's potential when the ghost of a murdered gang member returns to settle old scores. Cinematic in its telling, the book is at its heart a gorefest (the aquarium kill in particular is a gruesome treat), but with its whodunnit trail of clues it owes almost as much to Detective Comics and Dick Tracy as it does to Nightmare on Elm Street. Bright colours invoke the festival's essence, and Mat Santolouco's art, though sometimes cartoony, manages to keep things dark. Downsides? It starts slow and Fredd Krueger did the punny dialogue better. But the multiple twists will keep you guessing at the killer's identity and make for a fun ride." -- Mark Moyes
Rue Morgue #82 - September 2008
Rue Morgue #82 - Blood in Four Colours

Tags: Robbo Hype!

CBR goes behind the scenes of THE REVENANT

8/13/2008 1:59:12 PM permalink

Someone is tearing apart Sapphire City's mob bosses with a savage vengeance. Writer Rob Worley talks to CBR about his and Keith Giffen & Shanon Eric Denton's "The Revenant," a new pulp-noir graphic novel. Read it!

Tags: Robbo Hype!

Myspace Comic Books previews THE REVENANT

8/12/2008 4:48:20 PM permalink

Myspace Comic Books has posted a 15 page preview of THE REVENANT, the all-new graphic novel from Desperado Publishing, written by Rob M. Worley. READ IT! Then ask your local retailer for it: JUL08 3913!

Tags: Robbo Hype!

Revenant #2 Preview Online

2/5/2008 3:32:35 PM permalink

Comics Continuum has posted five pages from the second issue of The Revenant. Take a look! Man, I love page 4. The Diamond ordering code is FEB08 2162. Tell your retailer!

Tags: Robbo Hype!

Cloverfield Review

1/15/2008 10:15:36 PM permalink

OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! (a more in depth review will be found in can now be found on Supernaut's blog later this week)

Tags: general

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