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Four pages of 'The Revenant' up at CBR

1/8/2008 5:04:19 PM permalink

Comic Book Resources has a nice write-up about 'The Revenant' with commentary from myself and Mr. Shannon Eric Denton. Read it!

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Shameless Self Promotion: The Revenant Strikes!

12/30/2007 5:45:31 PM permalink

It's time for your fearless webmaster to engage in some shameless self-promotion, dear readers. Please go gather up your Diamond Comics Catalog. The one you picked up on Friday, when the new comics blew into town. Go ahead...I'll wait. ...

Very good, then. Flip to Page 147 and you'll see my new comic book, available for pre-order from your local comics shop right now. It's called The Revenant (JAN08 2052) and its a supernatural tale of crime and severe, brutal punishment as a gunslinging ghost visits unholy revenge on the gangsters that wronged him. I wrote the book from a story and concept by none other than Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric Denton (the guys who brought you "10" and "Zapt!"). Mateus Santolouco provides the artwork and the stunning covers! It's published by Image under Jim Valentino's Shadowline imprint. It's been savage, fun to work on and I hope you'll dig it too! Go to for more info and previews and all the latest news. Then bug your comics shop retailer and be sure to give them the ordering code: JAN082052. But wait! There's more!
Another book that needs some hype is the Grunts (JAN08 3356) TPB found on page 218 of the catalog. This is a collection of the Arcana Comics mini-series written (once again) by Giffen and Denton and illustrated by "Mad" Matt Jacobs. Ignore the solicitation copy in the catalog. The page count is actually around 180 pages (not 100 as stated in the catalog), which is an awesome value for $14.95. The entire paragraph is an inexplicable misprint. Instead, read it as:
During World War Two, an American squad encounters a German superhuman assault squad and starts a Eugenics Race that carries into present day.
Now, the reason for the hype is: the TPB is like a super-deluxe edition DVD, jam-packed with extra material! We're not talking about a few pinups or a printed script. Nope. Instead you get over a dirty half-dozen new stories featuring America's fighting men, including one written by me! Other great writers contributing to the book include Marc Bernardin/Adam Freeman (The Highwaymen), Kevin Grevioux (New Warriors), Christopher E. Long (Easy Way), Dwight MacPherson (Archibald Saves Christmas), Howard Wong (After The Cape) and Mike Bullock (Lions, Tigers, and Bears) to name a few. We all ran Matt Jacobs ragged coming up with new tales for him to illustrate. The guy's a machine! The diamond code for this jam-packed bad boy is JAN08 3356. Both books are due out in March, but you want to ask for them now to make sure they'll be in stock!

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'Common Foe'

12/12/2007 6:17:58 PM permalink

The perils of indie publishing have placed the final chapter of Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric Denton's comic 'Common Foe' in the domain of free online webcomics. In a way that's a good thing, since fans will get to sample the book and may be compelled to pick up the series. On the other hand, it's usually not a great practice to offer the ending to a story as the free sample. Kinda spoils the whole experience, ya know? Still, "by hook or by crook," as grandma used to say because this is one book you Hollywood types should be reading. The premise is pretty straightforward. American soldiers in WW2 stumble upon a small town, a section of which is occupied by German soldiers, not unlike a scene from 'Saving Private Ryan'. However, beneath the village is a hive of ravenous nocturnal creatures. The good guys and bad guys have to team up if they want to survive against this 'Common Foe'. It's hard to say who did what in terms of the writing. My understanding is that Denton can take the lion's share of credit but the story bears many of the ear-marks of a Giffen script in terms of pacing, crisp dialogue, and a refusal to descend into cliche. The creatures are bizarre, mega-mouth saw-toothed gangly humanoids. There's some suggestion that these are precursors to the world's vampire legends, the fearsome monsters bear as much resemblance to Anne Rice's creations as Geiger's Aliens bore to Ray Walston. And as night falls on the village there plenty of teeth, bullets, fear and blood! It's basically Blackhawk Down meets Aliens. Why this isn't a movie yet is beyond me. It's only a matter of time before someone picks up the option on what would undoubtedly make for a summer blockbuster. Check out 'Common Foe' online, or better yet, seek out the first three issues at better comic shops. Here's hoping for a trade paperback collection of one of the better comics of the past few years.

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'Iron Man' appears on 'Transformers' DVD

10/21/2007 5:01:58 PM permalink

Darkstar1010 writes in to tell us that there are goodies on the 'Transformers' DVD for Marvel movie fans:

There is a hidden 'Iron Man' trailer after the credits roll on the 'Transformers' two disc DVD. No new stuff, but kick ass in surround sound.
There you have it. If you're the kind of person who gets up as soon as the credits roll, you're officially missing out.

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'Firebreather' headed for Cartoon Network?

9/27/2007 1:35:20 AM permalink

Firebreather 1 artwork by Andy Kuhn
Firebreather artwork by Andy Kuhn
Sources in the know tell us that Cartoon Network is close to signing a deal to develop the Image Comics title 'Firebreather' as an animated program. Created by writer Phil Hester and our old pal artist Andy Kuhn, 'Firebreather' tells the story of Duncan Rosenblatt, who is born of an ordinary woman and an ancient dragon. Now in high-school the teen struggles with being different (scales, wings, bumpy orange skin, anyone?) even as his divorced parents struggle to shape his future (office job or Firebreathing terror?). No word on how far along the deal or development process may be at this point but we'll be looking into it further.

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Which directors are the 'Preacher' producers going after?

9/12/2007 11:32:41 PM permalink

Well, the 'Preacher' series is still walking through the desert of HBO's indecision. Still my sources tell me that the producers of the show are still aggressively pushing forward. With Howard Deutch recently ankling the show there's a vacancy in the director's chair. The folks behind the show are allegedly trying to go big...really big...and make 'Preacher' a showcase for some of the top directors in the business. Last week we told you that Robert Rodriguez ('Sin City', 'Planet Terror') was at the top of the list. Now our inside man has laid hands on the rest of the wish list. Are you sitting down? According to our source, the producers will approach (if they haven't already) the following:

  • Quentin Taranatino ('Death Proof', 'Kill Bill')
  • Neil Marshall ('Descent', 'Doomsday')
  • Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ('28 Weeks Later')
  • Alex Proyas ('Dark City', 'The Crow')
  • Danny Boyle ('Sunshine', '28 Days Later')
  • Brian De Palma ('The Black Dahlia', 'The Untouchables')
  • David Cronenberg ('A History of Violence', 'Eastern Promises')
Now, as far as we know this is just a wish list, but there isn't a name there whose new movie I wouldn't rush out to see. If they attract one of these A-listers, would that help HBO say "yes" to the show?

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'Shaolin Cowboy' rides and kicks ass to Hollywood

9/5/2007 6:14:12 PM permalink

Geoff Darrow's tour-de-force comic 'Shaolin Cowboy' may be headed to the big screen some time soon. A talking crab scuttled onto the C2F desk this morning and told us the project had been sold to The Weinstein Company for development as a feature film. Apparently Bob and Harvey are big fans of the chubby Asian fighting man and his talking donkey.

Shaolin Cowboy #1...RAWKS!
'Shaolin Cowboy' debuted in 2004 as one of the first comics published under the "Burlyman Entertainment" banner, founded by Larry and Andy Wachowski. Darrow was closely involved with the Wachowskis in the design and development of 'The Matrix' trilogies. The book features typically hyper-detailed Darrow artwork and the first issue included an audacious 10-page splash. I've been reading the series avidly, although the sporadic publication schedule makes it hard for me to recall what it's about. I do know it involves the title hero and his donkey playing an extended game of "keep the baby away from the demons." There are lots of fight scenes and not much talking (although the mule does tend to blab a lot, the demons too...I guess everyone talks but the Cowboy). The series did go on to garner three Eisner award nominations. Our source didn't specify whether how the Wachowskis are involved in the movie but one has to assume they'd be producers, if not directors.

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Rodriguez to direct 'Preacher' pilot?

9/4/2007 10:23:27 PM permalink

Comics2Film has heard a few more tidbits of info about the 'Preacher' series at HBO. Turns out director Howard Deutch is no longer on the project. Deutch, who previously worked with Mark Steven Johnson on 'Grumpier Old Men', had been set to direct the initial episode since the development of the project was announced last November. His attachment raised a few eyebrows among fans as the director is not really known for helming edgy material like a 'Preacher' show would have to be. So who is lined up to bring Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's shocking tale of angels and demons in the American west to Home Box Office? Word is Robert Rodriguez is circling the project and he's just one of many top-shelf directors interested in the series. Will having the man behind the brilliant 'Sin City' adaptation at the helm assuage the fears of fans who blanched at the notion of the Johnson writing and producing the project? The question may be moot, as our sources tell us HBO still has not committed to the show. Last week we told you how to shout out to HBO and tell them to greenlight 'Preacher'. Well, if you're excited about Robert Rodriguez getting involved with the project now is the time to act. Our sources say the project is "on the one yard line". Only you can push it into the end zone, fans.

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Brothers and sisters! 'Preacher' needs you to testify!

8/25/2007 10:32:12 AM permalink

A 'Preacher' TV series has been in development with HBO for almost a year now. Mark Steven Johnson ('Ghost Rider', 'Daredevil') has been working hard developing the show, based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's groundbreaking Vertigo/DC comic. Industry insiders tell Comics2Film that the series is poised to go into production...except...HBO can't seem to make a final decision to greenlight the thing. Perhaps they need some encouragement from the fans? Do you want to see a 'Preacher' series on HBO? Can I get an "Amen", brothers and sisters?! Can I get a "Roll cameras", sons and daughters?! Well, don't tell me. Tell HBO. Post on the HBO message boards and say, "I want to see that mighty, mighty 'Preacher' show!" Write to or or and tell them, "I gots to have that 'Preacher' show power in me!" Call 'em up at 212-512-1000 and say, "the voice has spoken to me and he wants a 'Preacher' show for us all!" Join with me, children! Say "Amen", children!!

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'FF2' footage on 'Dance' tonight

5/30/2007 8:47:05 AM permalink

Fans who tuned in to 'On The Lot' or 'House' last night saw promos imploring us to RISE up and DANCE...a cross-promo teaser for the reality show: 'So You Think You Can Dance' and the Fox super-feature: 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'. Season 3 of 'Dance' airs a two-hour episode tonight (Wednesday, May 30) at 8pm (ET)/7pm (CT). Featured somewhere in that two-hour block will be all-new exclusive footage from 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer', followed by and excoriating critique from a British judge. Rise up! Tune in! Seacrest out!

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