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Shop keepers Irked by 'Dark Knight' promo

5/29/2007 1:21:07 PM permalink

As guerrilla movie marketeers struggle to find interesting ways to get the attention of moviegoers, we're seeing more and more out-of-the-box campaigns that excite fans, but also land the promoters in hot water. Earlier this year the under-the-radar campaign for 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' led to a city-wide panic in Boston, where the promoters ended up actually being arrested. On Friday, the representatives from the U.S. Mint took the PR folks at 20th Century Fox, and the Franklin Mint to task for their Silver Quarter promo for 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'. Now, Superfist, our man on the ground in Chicago, has gotten an earful of reaction from two of his local comic shop guys about the the recent Joker campaign for 'The Dark Knight'. This campaign had guerrilla marketers placing Joker cards in comic shops in various cities, which were meant to lead fans to a website that revealed Heath Ledger in Joker makeup. However, the uninvited presence of the cards and, in some cases, sidewalk graffiti, has not gone over well with all comic shop owners. Superfist reports:

Seems the 'Dark Knight' street team has pissed off at least two comic shops here in town. Brainstorm, where I shop, was irked at the mess they created by strewing those cards everywhere. I was told that at Comic Vault they got even more ambitious by leaving the cards all over, some of which were even placed in some fixtures, then going so far as to stencil the sidewalk outside. Now I know Robert at Brainstorm was angry that right after they had complimented him on how clean and presentable his store was, they proceeded to trash it with Joker cards. Comic Vault, I understand, had to call the city to have Chicago's own Graffitti Busters take care of the sidewalk. Are they doing this anywhere else? And are they aware that they're not necessarily getting the reaction they're probably trying to get?
We'd love to hear from other retailers who found the Joker cards in the stores. How was the experience for you? Fun? Irritating? A sudden cache of collectibles to sell? Send me an email by clicking the email icon below...or just post a comment.

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'FF2' Cast on American Idol

5/15/2007 4:16:37 PM permalink

For those of you who missed it last week, the final four 'American Idol' contestants previewed 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'. Then the cast of the film sat down to watch the results show. Check out the video. Also keep an eye on those swanky FF zip-up shirts that the Idols got to wear. You'll be seeing more of those on Comics2Film very soon... [youtube]-qc_U0cNtFI[/youtube]

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Fire on the set of 'The Dark Knight'! Gotham PD on the scene!

4/25/2007 9:18:01 AM permalink

Here are the latest photos from the filming of 'The Dark Knight', currently happening in downtown Chicago. As has been reported earlier a fire broke out on the roof of a vacant former post office building in Chicago during the Tuesday shoot. An eagle eyed C2F reader called 'jr62' sent in these photos of smoke pouring from the rooftop of the building. jr62 also managed to get a shot of the Gotham PD vehicles that were parked on the scene. Click the thumbnails for a better view...

On the set of THE DARK KNIGHT
On the set of THE DARK KNIGHT
On the set of THE DARK KNIGHT

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'Dark Knight' Set Report: Chicago Post Office becomes Gotham Bank

4/18/2007 1:07:49 PM permalink

A fan in Chicago who goes by the name of 'superfist' has the scoop on what's going down in Chi-Town with 'The Dark Knight' movie. We can vouch for 'superfist'...he knows that of which he speaks:

A guy I work with just got back from a run and said that the post office downtown here, in Chicago, is currently Gotham Hall Bank. My source told me that there are about 15 cherry pickers all shining high beams through the windows, maybe preparing for a night shoot. He didn't see any "Gotham" signs or alterations to the building but he did say there was a huge load of drapes as well. Also of note, according to a security guard, they are doing a public shoot down there on Saturday. Look out for something possibly happening around the Library this weekend as well, which I can't believe wasn't featured in the first film. It has these HUGE gargoyles on every corner of the building!
Check back for more as filming on 'Dark Knight' continues! Update: Superfist visited the the site firsthand and saw that it was, in fact, Gotham National Bank, not Gotham Hall. This is widely confirmed by photographs at Batman On Film and Superhero Hype.

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Free advertising on the C2F Strip

2/18/2007 4:58:12 PM permalink

Want a free advertisement to appear on this here blog? You can do it thanks to our advertising arrangement with Project Wonderful. Read how you can set up your free ad...while supplies last!

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Harvey Pekar vs. David Letterman

2/5/2007 9:05:46 AM permalink

'American Splendor' creator Harvey Pekar takes David Letterman to task on live TV, as the host prays for a terrorist attack to save him and ultimately bans him from the show... [youtube]iBr4NxujLvw[/youtube]

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Jack Kirby on meeting Gods and Heroes

11/14/2006 11:02:29 PM permalink

Nobody busted a comic panel like Jack "King" Kirby. Here's some rare interview video footage of Kirby describing the process of birthing gods and monsters... [youtube]M50Mjdsh_iw[/youtube]

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Welcome to the Club!

11/12/2006 5:21:26 PM permalink

Opinions are like pie-holes. Everyone's got 'em. The same might be said of blogs. Every comics site has 'em. Comics2Film has a bloggy thing going too. We're calling it The C2F Strip Club, an eclectic Algonquin ether-table of wisenheimers. Some are old C2F stalwarts. Like Mikey (aka Squedge). Who can forget his hit download "The Spider-Fan's Lament" so many years ago? Now Mikey will be sharing his musical comedy via "Confessions Of A Part-Time Fanboy". Then there's kev_incal, whose been darkening our doorway since before we had a doorway. And B, who presides over the DCG. And thechrisbrown who is no longer satisfied by limiting his opinions to movie reviews. We've got some newcomers too, like the superlative-slinging Supernaut and the mysterious Crimson Count. No one can say what expository exhibitions they have in store for us but it's sure to be interesting, amusing and perhaps outrageous. Sure, they're all unified by their love of comic book movies, but they've got other things on their mind's too. Like bacon. Kev told us it was a deal-breaker if he couldn't talk about bacon. Bacon it is, Kev! So sit back, relax, paste a fiver to your forehead and enjoy as our peerless pundits wrap their iLegs around the shiny metal pole of pontification and swing!

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