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10 Best Movie Bars (Article) - 11/10/2011 5:45:56 AM

What about PORKY'S?!?!!

Reminiscing on Spider-Man%u2019s Rainments (Article) - 4/27/2011 5:11:37 AM

It was a great run, Chadwith! Thanks for such consistent, high-quality contributions over the years! You made me look like a genius for hiring you.

Cavill is the new SUPERMAN (Article) - 2/1/2011 5:59:01 AM

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone!

REAL STEEL Trailer Flies In (Article) - 12/10/2010 4:59:32 AM

This trailer disappointed me. I visited the set of the film in August. Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman talked pretty emphatically about the kind of movie they were trying to make: a Spielberg-esque family drama about a father and son coming together. Sort of The Champ meets Iron Giant. They were pretty clear that there was more on their minds then just robots bashing it out, which is something that Michael Bay is already doing just fine without them.

So I can't imagine they're too pleased by Dreamwork's cut of the trailer which suggests nothing but robots bashing it out.

New SCOTT PILGRIM Trailer (Article) - 6/17/2010 2:03:39 PM

Aw crap! Sorry about the big spoiler. It's fixed now.

Sorry, Gauley! Drink a bottle of Scotch as soon as you can and maybe you'll forget!

More CAPTAIN AMERICA Casting (Article) - 5/7/2010 11:50:49 AM

Wise and Wes - My thinking is, the guy says "I've got an idea for an electric jet I'm working on" and Tony says something like, "Lets make it happen."

If the guy's name is "Quin" then I'd call it an easter egg. But I admit I'm reaching.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Coming Next Summer (Article) - 5/5/2010 9:45:06 AM

We're like Iron Man and War Machine

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Coming Next Summer (Article) - 5/5/2010 9:02:58 AM

Wiseguy: Are you trying to get the two bald Robs of Mania to fight?

Is Bassett GREEN LANTERN's Nick Fury? (Article) - 3/25/2010 9:40:45 AM

Wiseguy - I had to look it up :)

Goyer / SUPERMAN Rumor Mayhem! (Article) - 2/25/2010 11:30:52 AM

@GLCorpsMember - Oop! Good catch. :)


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