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Robert Downey Jr. talks about the Howard/Cheadle incident

Actor doesn't seem to know much more than the rest of us

By Rob M. Worley     November 06, 2008
Source: MTV Splash Page

MTV Splash page got some exclusive face time with 'Iron Man' star Robert Downey Jr. They asked him the question that's been on every fan's mind for the past month: what happened with the Terrence Howard/Don Cheadle thing?

However, it appears the actor is as out of the loop as the rest of us, at least as far as he's willign to say publicly.

"I had nothing to do with that decision. I love Terrence very very much. That’s all I’ll say because I haven’t talked to him yet," was Downey's diplomatic answer. "I’ve always admired Don [Cheadle]...It’s one of those situations where I still don’t quite know what happened or why. Here’s what happens too: things happen and you wind up commenting on them before you’ve actually talked to the people and it’s in poor taste."

So, Downey is mum on the partner-swapping in the 'Iron Man' franchise. He did comment further that they're working hard to make sure the sequel is worthy of the fans who made the first movie such a big success.

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Wiseguy 11/6/2008 6:25:32 AM

I hope the whole crew stays classy. No need to bad mouth anyone, what's done is done.

monkeyfoot 11/6/2008 7:31:33 AM

Agreed. Be professional about the whole affair and get on with the work.

violator14 11/6/2008 9:17:20 AM

DAMNIT!!! I cant wait for this sequel !!  F !!!!

fft5305 11/6/2008 9:36:25 AM

Agreed. Agreed. And agreed!

BlindJustice 11/6/2008 10:49:22 AM

Most people would have taken the opening to talk trash or make assumtions. The man is truely a class act.

vinylcharmer 11/6/2008 12:00:01 PM

Wiseguy562 & Monkeyfoot I totally agree with both you on this. This has now been dragging on for far too long. I really like both Howard and Cheadle but the whole mess should never have happpened or at least this publicly. Hopefully all involved can take a cue from Downey on this and stay classy by just letting go. It's nice to see an adult acting like an adult for a change in Hollywood. Leave all the stupid rhetoric to the fanboys.

violator14 11/6/2008 1:06:40 PM

HEY!! Dont you agree with me too????  =(   haha

hanso 11/6/2008 1:22:45 PM

I don't agree with any of you.  What's the matter with you guys!!!?? 

Favreau needs to speak out and say T.Howard is a straight up ********* and then T.Howard gotta come back with some of his Hustle & Flow lyrics. 

Wiseguy 11/6/2008 3:13:45 PM

I agree with you VIOlator, can't effing wait.

hanso, why you instigating. You know last thing Howard wants is to get on Favreau's bad side aND GO ALL rOCKY mARCIANO ON HIM :)

almostunbiased 11/6/2008 5:00:24 PM

I'm with you guys, I can't wait for this movie.  And this whole affair needs to end.

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