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Robert Weinberg's NIGHTSIDE

Writer talks about his creator-owned series.

By Rob Allstetter     August 24, 2001

Robert Weinberg's NIGHTSIDE
© 2001 Robert Weinberg

Writer Robert Weinberg said that NIGHTSIDE, his creator-owned mini-series from Marvel Comics, will not be set in the Marvel Universe.

"I love the Marvel monsters, but I wanted to do something straight supernatural where you didn't know what to expect from these monsters," Weinberg said.

Here's how Weinberg describes the series:

"Meet Sydney Taine. She's a woman who walks the narrow path dividing good from evil, the gray line that separates the daytime from the nightside. Sydney's a detective and she knows a lot of secrets concerning the living and the undead. But no one knows very much at all about Sydney Taine."

The art for NIGHTSIDE is by Tom Derenick, who has been filling in on various X-MEN titles the past year.

"The art style I'm using on this series is quite a bit different from what X-MEN fans have seen from me in the past year," Derenick says. "It's fully rendered shaded pencils. There won't be any inking just computer coloring over raw pencils. This kind of thing has been done on ARIA for Avalon studios by Jaye Anacleto and also on the upcoming VAMPIRELLA series through Harris by Mike Mayhew.

"The difference is whereas the two incredible artists I just mentioned are going for photorealism in their art I'm trying to go for something a little more exaggerated. It will have a realistic feel to it but with more of the dynamics of Marvel's style of storytelling. I'm hoping to give comic fans something they've never seen before much in the same way Bob is in the story. Just something new and fresh.

"For those who aren't aware of this style, I developed it while doing pinups online over two years ago. The response to it was incredible and I'm hoping comic-book fans will like it just as much."

NIGHTSIDE launches in October.


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