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Robin Williams in BOURNE ULTIMATIUM?

By Karl Schneider     July 15, 2006

Robin Williams is the flamboyant children's show host, Rainbow Randolph, in DEATH TO SMOOCHY.
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A loyal reader dropped me a line today with a scoop regarding Robin Williams and the upcoming film THE BOURNE ULTIMATIUM, take a gander.

The source said: I don't know if this is of much interest or not, but we just got back from a conference for our company (Random House P). On the trip back, I sat next to one of the bosses, who works under Peter Olson, and we got talking about books. He tells me that they're (sorry, film wise) doing "The Bourne Ultimatium" at Universal Pictures, with Matt Damon and Julia Stiles. I think that has already been announced.

Apparently - and I'm not surprised, considering the last one didn't resemble the book either - the script is NOTHING like the book (Ludlum must be rolling in his grave).

What might work though, is that they're casting for someone that's "very close to Jason Bourne" - - I remain ambiguous for a reason : Richard doesn't know, he's obviously heard it second/third hand too. What he does know is that they're looking at Robin Williams for the part. He'd play some sort of family member or link to Bourne's past...I guess.... Bit of a "Good Will Hunting" reunion, if it comes off, I guess, too? Anyway, thought you'd appreciate the update on the movie.

Thanks S. for the heads up! Nothing like a big cup of rumor to jump start your morning.


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coldhardtruth 7/15/2006 1:14:51 PM
Williams really should give up comedy and stick to movies like One Hour Photo.
almostunbiased 7/15/2006 9:08:35 PM
I loved Good Will Hunting, but I don't think I would think of it for a second during this movie. I agree Williams is a great dramatic actor, he just isn't funny anymore to me.
supremeone 7/16/2006 5:00:15 AM
strangerstrange...given the fact that alot of posters complain that Cinescape is slow in reporting alot of news...I would think you would be more appreciative of any "nugget" of info that's not being reported elsewhere. SUPREMEONE
almostunbiased 7/16/2006 2:55:29 PM
I love the Bourne movies, can't wait till the next one hits theaters.
muchdrama1 7/16/2006 10:26:03 PM
Robin Williams is Oscar caliber...I'd love to see him in this flick.
dax0761 7/17/2006 10:13:45 AM
HAVE U SEEN RV? A Popeye 2 would be better So great if he does this.
muchdrama1 7/17/2006 3:37:22 PM
Dax: "HAVE U SEEN RV? A Popeye 2 would be better So great if he does this." Yeah, Dax...we're going to sum up his whole career from "RV". Give us a break.


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