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lazarus 11/19/2012 2:52:27 PM

Okay so here is an observation, Robocop, (the REAL Robocop) was 99% non organic. As is the entire body was replaced, the only parts left were his face and brain. The actually replaced his cranium if memory serves and his brain was housed in the head which was also artifical.

The point is, look at the photo, his hand is his original, which means the arm is also. His head is also intact it appears. Isn't Robocop supposed to be a ROBOT with human intergration? Not a human with Robot integration? Hell then call it the 6 Million Dollar Police Officer then. The original looked much more what an artifical construct would appear like. He would need to be heavily armored and again would look less human.

I am interested to see where they are going with this. It still looks like Michael Knight and KITT had a bastard child together. All black man with a red sensor strip that wraps all the way around his head. Seriously, who has eyes on the side of his head?

And ZIlla you keep fighting the good fight. Those Windmills need chasing.

thezillaman 11/19/2012 3:16:33 PM

 like it or not not one of us knows how this is going to turn out just by the looks of some pictures, besides all remakes take a little and make up alot, because the new director / producers are making their own story all the same time trying to keep for the most part moments and situations that remind us of the original film. if he has a human arm or face or whatever who gives a Fuck? lets just hope it's a fun movie, and worth our time.. 

lazarus 11/20/2012 12:58:04 PM

Well Zilla, I hope it is not a lame, retarded, feeble attempt to cash in on some 80's originality. Which all Hollywood seems to be able to do these days. Seldom is there original ideas or premises. And when all else fails, lets remake an 80s big hit. Total Recall anyone?

thezillaman 11/21/2012 9:44:27 PM

 right, i just really want this to work and be good. it has a good cast and good film maker  behind it i can't see why this would not work. then again non of us know shit bout how it's going to turn out till it comes out. and i never rate or base a movie on a trailer never.  

axia777 11/23/2012 3:23:28 PM

@laz - It IS a lame attempt to cash in on 80's originality.  All these fucking remakes are.  That is how Hollycrap rolls for the most part.

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